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I believe it was Keith Moon who joked that the band that Jimmy Page was putting together would "go down like a lead zeppelin" (as opposed to a lead balloon). The spelling was changed by Jimmy in order to avoid mispronunciaton ("leed" rather than "led").

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there's a lot of speculation about the naming and Steve Jones will call it revisionist history. since he's probably tired of explaining it thousands of times to everyone on this site, I'll give it a try...


Keith Moon and John Entwistle used to describe bands that sucked by saying that they'd go down like lead balloons. I don't think the comment was exclusive to Led Zeppelin, but I think Jimmy Page heard one of the two describe "The New Yardbirds" in this way, and decided to call the band "Lead Zeppelin".

Peter Grant reasoned with Page to drop the 'a' in "Lead" because it would sound like "leed".

Page concurred and emphasized that it had more "punch".

And hence the name was changed to it's current state.

So, what did I get wrong, if any? Steve? anyone?

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