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Bonzo's best bass drum work

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Good choice, but yesterday I was listening to the LZ 2 multi tracks, and quite frankly it's mind boggling, when you hear John Henry alone, this boot includes Ramble On, What Is And What Shall Never Be, Heartbreaker, and Whole Lotta Love, just stunning hearing what he is doing, you just can't catch all of it when you hear the songs complete, as a matter of fact each member of the band seperate is just twisted to listen to, especially Jonsey!

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Immigrant Song, Good Times Bad Times, Walter's Walk, Fool In The Rain, Nobody's Fault But Mine, Bonzo's Montreux, The Wanton Song, Misty Mountain Hop.

And the most obvious ones: Moby Dick & When The Levee Breaks.

Those are the primary ones that come to my mind.

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Royal Orleans, Fool in the Rain, and Hots on for Nowhere are three very underrated tracks. Bonham supposedly hated doing shuffle patterns but on all three of these songs he nails them, and incorporates other patterns as well moving back and forth effortlessly.

Crazy man, crazy.

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