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Hi guy, new to this. What I love about Zep (apart from everything) is that they are STILL 'the' leading influence on rock music, and I think they always will be. We see it in so many established bands but it's great when you still discover it now days in new unsigned bands. I found this band local to me in Cornwall UK that I heard Zep all over the riff - singers are good but aren't like Planty, don't focus on that but it had echoes of what had to be Kashmir, that driving riff/big strings thing going on. I'll start it off by posting this band 'Littermouth'


it made me curious as to what other little unsigned Zep influenced gems are out there (outside of plain old heavy blues stuff) but I couldn't find much on this blog, just established band, hence this topic. Educate us zep heads, I'm sure we'd love to seek out new Zep influences, I would anyway! :)

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Oh!? sorry to have offended, a rather narrow minded outlook I think. Just an idea after hearing this band to look at how Zep still have influence on new bands instead of endless tired old posts about the same old established acts, I wasn't saying they were like Zep, no one could be, just liked the idea there was an influence in there and after all these years Zep still do that to new acts, which I think is fantastic and worth celebrating. Many of the american blues masters listened to early Zeps renditions of Willie Dixon et all blues songs and gave much the same sort of answer as you've just done but about Zep, who were just experimenting with cross atlantic musical influences they were discovering. Glad they didn't listen to the negatives that were thrown at them at the time as I think they developed it rather well!

Anyway I was hoping someone might post some other bands on here.

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