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Who is "Lep Zeppelin"? Zepp Tshirt for sale


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There's a Zepp Tshirt for sale on redbubble.com

It looks like an official tour shirt, except that...

1. There is a spelling mistake in the logo!

2. The icons are wrong

3. The venue information is correct (they exist), but the venues are way to small

4. Not sure about the dates.

5. 'Doubleganger Entertainment'. Never heard of them (doppelganger?)

What is going on? Anyone got any information?



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just another tribute band trying to make a buck.

Yup, looks like it. 'Lep', lol.

But since we're here...

I noticed Joe "Bon-a-MASSA", as he once said, wearing this shirt in one of Ross Halfin's photographs:


Aside from the obvious facts that Joe Bonamassa should know where to find a REAL Led Zeppelin t-shirt and that his pose in this photograph looks oddly familiar, this shirt made by True Religion has everything but the words "Led Zeppelin" on it. Now, I realize Led Zeppelin doesn't own the Zeppelin image (I don't believe...?) nor the words "Going to California", but used in conjunction, this is basically a Led Zeppelin shirt, isn't it? Does anyone here know how exactly companies like True Religion get away with this?

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I travelled through Indonesia in the mid Eighties, chasing waves and good times.

The nacent bar culture around Kuta and Legian was pretty raw. Lots of cover bands, mainly from Australia, and some from Jakarta.

You could buy really cheap cassettes (of local acts) and Tshirts in the markets and at the bars, Most of these ended up in tourists bags, and found their way to Australia and Europe.

I remember seeing "Lep Zeppelin", "Fire Straights" and "The Chisels" at Gado-Gado and the Rum Club in Poppies Lane.

Lep Zepp mimicked the real band, and I remember them being very loud. The lead singer 'Mank' styled himself on Plant, but looked more Belgian than Brommie.

Rumour had it that he was a former 'sock model'. Anyhow, they were a semi-good band who gave their all for holiday punters in the sweaty pits of Bali.

I have a photo from this era.. I will try to attach it, now...

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