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Came across this and put it on hold while I try to find out more about it.

It's a 3 cd set of the May 23, 1975 Earls Court concert...title is "The Awesome Foursome". So far I've discovered it's based on an old vinyl set sourced from an audience tape.

No label listed...only this catalogue #: CG 42-43-44.

I generally prefer a good audience tape to soundboard(you can barely hear the harmonies on "Tangerine" on the sbd), and May 23 is one of the Earls Courts I don't have(May 18 is the other).

Anybody have any pros or cons to offer regarding this set?

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I went ahead and bought it last night. It was only $10 and who knows when I'll come across that Scorpio release duckman was talking about. A question for duckman: Does that Scorpio release use the Soundboard or an audience tape?

Meanwhile, I'm now only two or three shows short of closing the book on 1975. Unless some heretofore unreleased 1975 concert makes an appearance. If I do find the Scorpio or some other upgrade to 5.23.75 in the future, I can pass "The Awesome Foursome" on to my nephew or godson.

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