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Less McCann & Eddie Harris - Swiss Movement 1969 Montreux Jazz Fest

The Only Way To Fly

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I was at a flea market today & picked up this LP I have to say it was in fantastic shape. So everybody says that but it really was. My question is while recorded in 1969 & released the same year - this copy has the green, white & red labels that the later Zeppelin pressings had. Does anyone know how I can tell if its an authentic 1969 press? The LP did come with what I assume is an authentic inner sleeve as it advertises new LP's by other Atlantic artists. Below is what I found on Wiki - LOVE this record & it does sound super minty fresh! Thanks!

Swiss Movement is a soul jazz[1]live album recorded on June 21, 1969 at The Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland by the Les McCann trio with saxophonistEddie Harris and trumpeter Benny Bailey.[2] The album was a hit record, as was the accompanying single "Compared To What", with both selling millions of units.[1]

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This is a great album, and hopefully you didn't pay more than a few bucks for it, The Only Way To Fly, as it is quite common. Certainly no more than $10 for a VG-near Mint copy.

The red, green, and white labels were used for some early Atlantic releases. The Swiss Movement is one of them. Here is how you can tell if yours is a 1st US pressing.

The catalogue number on the spine and the cover should be SD 1537.

The matrix number for Side One: ST-A-691687-MO

Matrix number for Side Two: ST-A-691688-MO

Lastly, the address listed for the Atlantic Recording Corporation is 1841 Broadway, New York, N.Y.

Did you notice who one of the producers was? Nesuhi Ertegun.

Another interesting thing about this record is the opening track, "Compared to What", written by Gene McDaniels. Roberta Flack's debut album "First Take", with its great cover of "Compared to What", had just come out on June 20, 1969...one day before the Montreux concert that was recorded for the Swiss Movement album.

One has to wonder if Les McCann and Eddie Harris heard the Roberta Flack version and liked the song so much they decided to tackle it themselves? Much like Jimi Hendrix immediately started playing "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" at concerts the moment he heard the album.

Both the Swiss Movement's and Roberta Flack's versions of "Compared to What" are excellent...but I give the edge to Roberta. Mainly because I love her vocals and because of her secret weapon: Ron Carter's awesome bass lines. In fact Ron Carter paints a masterpiece with his bass lines on the entire album.

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