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Thunder Down Under (EVSD)


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THANK YOU elgimpo!

awesome photos of Zeppelin bootleg porn.

Haha, 'Zeppelin bootleg porn'. Love it. :D

Yes, EVSD's set looks nice and it's definitely more complete than the old "Thunder Down Under" box set from Equinox that I have. But I think I'll wait for Godfatherecords more reasonably priced version.

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can anyone at all speak about the sound quality or how these shows are?

I don't have the new box, so I can't speak to what the sound quality is like and how much an upgrade it is from previous versions. If you have heard earlier releases of the Australian '72 tour, whether by cd or the internet, then you know that the performances are pretty good. This tour, after all, is in between the great '71 Japan and '72 American tours, so they were still on a roll in their performing prime.

As I posted the other day on the What Show Are You Listening To thread, the tapes are incomplete, and as many of the shows were outdoors they have that "outdoor sound" common to these types of concerts due to wind and other atmospheric elements.

The Adelaide is probably the best sound-quality tape of the bunch. Brisbane the worst.

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Many people are still waiting for corrected sets also; I was told that some of them are really pissed off since they're were all told the boxes will arrive soon but most of them are still waiting. Very typical for Japs.....I bet the guy who's behind the Fisheads wants to sell his copies first and had a deal with EVSD. Greedy punks!

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Ok, here are my few observations on the box and its content. I am supporting myself with mentioned Bootledz site, adding commentaries from UU site also...

I think the idea of including all five shows in one big package isn't as bad as it might looked, even if the price is really big - I paid more than $400 for my copy! They designed the box in a really luxury way, and each of shows is released in individual hard glossy gatefold sleeve. The concept of issuing two versions for each of date may be disputable for some of us; however, I found a completely new ways of enjoying Melbourne, Auckland and Brisbane shows presented with alternate edits/mixes.

Now let's explore a bit each of dates included.

The Adelaide tape sounds as good as few previous titles, incl. EVSD "Deep Downunder". The big plus is fact that this time they didn't cut anything from tape as they did with their previous title (and for those, who are really keen to listen to this show in an edited form, version B is included, where all bad cuts and speed ups are removed in a really fashionable way). Similar to other reviewers, I had a feeling that this time tape sounds a bit more brighter, freshier. It could be a case of some soft equalizing but it also might be a fact they used real master and did a fresh transfer.

Melbourne show is a big treat to me. Composed from many different tape sources, we have two versions sourced from (mostly) different recordings. Version A sounds much better and version B shows so called "vinyl" source. I read on Bootledz that they missed some parts of actual tape sources and replaced them with alternate edits but I cannot verify it if this is true or not since my only previous release for this date was 7CD box titled "Thunder Down Under" (sic!) and released billions years ago by Japanese label Equinox. For sure this new version is much more complete and better sounding.

For me a big surprise is Auckland show, presented also in two different versions. Probably we all know famous excellent sounding tape that have surfaced on many bootlegs and low gen copies torrented here and there but having possibility of listening a complete show, combined from two recorders, making this date as my personal winner.

Sydney is probably the lowest point of this release, adding nothing but edited/smoothly prepared version on edit B but it's still good to have this date in the box. I heard that there are some copies containing unprocessed transfer of longer Sydney tape but I didn't feel any of EQ up here so I am leaving this chapter to much advanced trainspotters.

Brisbane date is again a very interesting piece of music and worth addition to the set. Composed from two tape sources, this show is finally presented in its full glory and again it's a big improvement over Equinox release. I read that speed issues that plagued both tapes are now repaired and indeed, this is a very smooth version of this show. The sound isn't excellent but still much more acceptable than Equinox and torrented versions of fan made releases that have spreaded over the years on various trackers.

Overall, the only negative aspects are the price (it might costs me less) and problems with second disc of version A for Melbourne, where they did Rock and Roll after Whole Lotta Love (probably they just tracked this disc incorrectly, giving individual track indexes erroneously). My copy arrived with replacement disc for Sydney so I cannot complain on this fact.

My rate is 8/9 for 10 scale and it's good to have all Aussie shows in their definitive versions in one package.

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Agreed. I'm glad you've got to hear some of the shows. An awesome collector is one who shares so freely with others


I like the new source from Melbourne. The Melbourne show from this set uses this new source as the main source and includes the other 3 sources; so that you now have a complete show.

For those of you that can download a rar file, and don't mind an E-mail, feel free to pm me as to sample this yourself. Specify if you prefer flac, or wav. Offer's only good for the next 12 hours from this post.

Any objections from the mods, I'll understand if you need to delete my post. But hey, what good is Zeppelin if you have to keep it to yourself. This is Zeppelin in '72! :thumbsup:

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Thank you all for such warm words! Indeed, my main focus was to share my personal feelings and letting everyone know about this particular set. I was told that this time EV hired a different soundman and likely thus we have a difference in quality/sound. The depth and dynamics are really good up here and overall production looks fine also. I am wonderin' if their next massive release would be kept in same way (I hope so..).

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