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I don't know his name but he goes to my school :)

If you could be doing anything right now other than being on the computer, what would it be?

bikram yoga

if you had the choice to meet just one Zep band member, who would it be?

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errrrr okay. That's so cool how similar ours are. Anyway


If you could be reading right now, what would your read?

Umm... The Sun (Daily Newspaper).

If you could drag the Moon down with a rope, knowing full-well that it could effect the way the Earth operates, would you just out of curiosity?

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Hell no!

If you had to speak a language other than your native language for the rest of your life, what would you speak?


Would you cut off a small toe if you could be the best musician (of the instrutment of your choice) of all time? B)

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Already am, so no. B):P

If you ruled the world, would you run it with an iron fist of power, or in a compassionate, loving, peaceful way?

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If you could have any type of food delivered to you right now, what would it be?

Chicken Tikka Bhuna... from that-one-place-that-I-can't-remember-it's-name in Airdrie, Scotland.

Don't you have anything better to be doing?

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Erm, pass it . . . hopefully. :unsure:

What is your favorite thread of all time?

This one.


What is your favourite form of precipitation?


Would you kill a man to have Led Zeppelin tour? :P

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