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Full fat, because I need some of it for I am so damn skinny

I got my avatar from a Rita Hayworth site

Admit it, which flower is the prettiest?[no one answered]

The simplest. Which I have yet to find.

Full fat of course need those extra carbs

hotchicks with douchebags or plant pictures?

Hot chicks with douchebags, it's more entertaining. ;)

Money or Happiness?

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Plant pics

I was trying to find out about your avatar but don't type fast enough!

Is that Plant in the avatar?

It's Plant's head photoshopped onto an American Footballer's body.

hotchickswithdouchebags!!! HCWDB

Sarcasm thread or HCWDB?


What time day is best for horizontal action morning or night?

Whenever it feels like it. :rolleyes::P

Corned Beef or Ham? (Vegetarians, sorry..)

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Thanks Bonham

Football(american) or Football(soccer)?

No problem. And Soccer. ;)

I'd say corned beef

60's mod style or hippie style

'60s Hippy style.

Jamon de Ibero (ham)

Bottles or cans?

Bottles, easier to grip.

Mod style they smell better.

Boots or flip flops?


Boots. :P

Me or Scratch? :P

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Bed, unless you mean doin' it, then it would be both. ;)

candles or rose petals?

Rose petals. They feel better against your skin then that of a burning flame. :P

Would you rather have your heart broken in order to gain alot of money, or lose alot of money in order to have true love?

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