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:D Gotcha Manders! :D

This weekend is my grandfather's 80th birthday so I'm going with my grandparents to Delaware Park to go gambling. Its not my favorite thing to do, but my grandfather loves it so I'm going to make him happy.

What relative are you closest to and why?

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During a First Quarter phase the Moon has moved along side the Earth and we can now see the lighted side of the Moon that is facing the Earth (remember the dark side of the Moon is too dark to see). Since the lighted side is always only half of the Moon and since we can only see half of the lighted side, this is called the First Quarter (First Quarter the New Moon).

Have you ever cried because your favorite team lost?

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I'd have to call it ironic that i came upon this question cuz my wife is in a cast after having ankle / foot surgery and i do alot of cleaning,dishes,and luandry however ive never considered these things her job since ive always helped out.

If you could meet one zep band member who would it be and why?

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