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a red 3/4 sleeve tee shirt, dark blue jeans, my watch--no shoes, no socks, no makeup

What would you like to eat for your next meal? (I've got lemon poppyseed bread in the oven for my 1pm "breakfast")

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What I'd like to and what I know I'm going to have are two completely different things… :lol: I'll say that what I'd LIKE to have is… a bowl of fruit… I"m gonna be having Minsky's pizza :rolleyes:

Umm… do you have an mp3 player of some kind?

Yeah, a South Corean crap that won't charge. I've been using it for about one and a half years...

Which movie should win the Oscar this year?

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I cannot answer your question because I have no clue what it is!!

WTF does CHOM mean?

My question:

Where the hell is everyone? What is everyone doing? No one's posting anything!?!

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Ketchup, expect I don't put it on that much stuff.

Last Robert question, does he have a tattoo on his lower back? I was watching the video for Burning Down One Side and at the end he takes his shirt off and walks away and there is a spot on his back. Tattoo or birthmark/skin thing?

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I don't know the answer...so you'll have to ask it when someone besides me is playing the game with you. LOL

What do you do when you're totally, completely, freakishly bored?

(I ask because I am...)

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What did I get? As in presents? God, that was a long time ago--let's see if I can remember:

My dad gave me $$, my mom gave me $$, my aunt gave me $$, my uncle gave me $$, my mom's sister-in-law gave me a tripod for my camera, my grandma gave me $$, and I think everyone else gave me $$ LOL

When is a defining moment (for you) to show that you've become an adult?

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I chose my major after three others. LOL I ended up with the one I had in the beginning--when I was 10.

Why do you think moving out of your parents' house makes you an adult?

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