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:mellow: if if was asking if if if knew if if was iffing so many questions than if knew that the iffin waterloo courier said that dyer maker chris iffin wygle has just announced that if the planet over flowed with if and when pages rambled on ....... and if only if paul gypsy JONES iffed and ri ffed with THE SONS OF BOTTOM (jason) also..... and then went on tour which was announced today here in IOWA (EYE O WAY) or pronounced (OUR WAY) than if I tye dyed my coat which will be sent to MRS. PAGE (photo). then it is if.........open the floodgates...........the song remains the same.......souls only live once......and music is the doors to freedom.....all races must unite to win the fight of freedom.......ramble on the Zepplin has lift.....and there will be A TOUR. IF THAT.......chwygle1...evansdale, Iowa ;)
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Not really weird...or maybe it is but, I listen to spanish music even though I don't speak Spanish.

Would you paint each wall in your room a different color and put polka dots on the ceiling?! :lol:

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