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One of my uncles makes cow tongue on thanks giving. It looks sooooooo nasty!!!! My dad's whole side of the family are pretty strange, when they were kids they ate parts of animals that most people would throw out. My dad likes pickled herring too, it smells like cat food, the cats think it's cat food.

What's the most nasty thing you've ever eaten?

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Pickled Herring and MRE's thats military food when your out doing combat exercises. its supossed to mean meals ready to eat but we called them meals rejected by everything!

Whats the nastiest food you've ever smelled! besides pickled herring!

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Well that would be anything moldy, but the most disgusting i really couldn't tell you, it was way to moldy t be identified. I had an old roomate that left shit in the fridge all the time, i'm like hey you think you could cut down on the "science projects" in the fridge! :P

whats the most disguting thing you've found in the freezer?

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hmm.. a very old cheese which was stuck in a corner and was green rather than yellow (I really have problems looking at mould :wacko: )

Whats the first thing you'd do if you'd win a million?

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Sitting at the organ in church next to my dad while he is playing a Bach fugue with a thick jacket on (it's winter) and my stuffed tiger in my arms:- )

what's the last joke you laughed about?

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