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Jimmy To Discuss LZIV On New Planet Rock Series


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By Paul Williams

Roger Waters to guest on new Planet Rock show

Roger Water, Jimmy Page and Meat Loaf are to feature in a new Planet Rock series dedicated to classic albums.

Planet Rock Plays It In Full will air legendary albums in full, uninterrupted by jingles, commercials or DJs but introduced in each case by one of the key people behind it. The first show will feature Roger Waters discussing Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon, while the coming weeks will include Jimmy Page discussing Led Zeppelin IV and Meat Loaf Bat Out Of Hell.

The programme will go out on the Bauer-owned station at 11pm on Mondays.

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Jimmy Page seems to be doing well now. I saw recent pics and he looks really healthy and tan and happy. He was at a charity event in London area recently for Jesters Care for Kids or something like that. I saw the photos on the internet. It was a dinner and they raised a lot of money for the poor children in Thailand. These kids are so bad off, many are blind. It is so wonderful Jimmy does all this charity work and raises money for kids in England and at Casa Jimmy in Brazil. Jimmy should be nominated for the Jean Hersolt Humanitarian Award that the Academy Award gives out every year. I think he would deserve it--that special Oscar award. Angelina Jolie is getting it in 2014 and she deserves it too with her work in the UN but Jimmy has really contributed in time and financially to many other organizations for many years. I know all about his past and struggles with substance abuse, etc., eccentricities, but he seems to have really turned his live over to doing good. I met him once but it was back in 1986 in San Francisco at the hotel he stayed at. He was performing in Concord, CA at the time with Firm??? Cannot remember which band. He was so friendly and kind and no ego at all. He chatted with me and my friend and had no entourage, just another guy with him like a manager or asst. He was tall and very handsome. I think he is better looking in person. He looks good now for his age and is still handsome like an older Hollywood star. I wish he could be in some movies and get roles since he is charismatic and has a nice speaking voice. -Dedi

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