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'68 Page interview in Guardian

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I don't read these forums assiduously enough to know if this is already here - but today the Guardian republished this old interview with Jimmy from the very early days.

It's a great read ( always assuming you haven't already read it on another thread ... )

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The Guardian reprint is of an interview that Chris Welch did with Jimmy for Melody Maker.

A quote from the Chris Welch piece:

Jimmy is well-spoken, good-looking and good natured.

The line-up of Jimmy's new band (and he's not sure whether to call them the Yardbirds or not), includes John Paul Jones (organ and bass), Robert Plant (vocals) and John Bonham (drums). They made their debut in Denmark.

Jimmy: "Robert can get up and sing against anybody." "It's refreshing to know that today you can go out and form a group to play the music you like and people will listen. It's what musicians have been waiting for these last twenty years."

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