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RP Keeps Blues Heart


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Thanks, cher. Very cool interview. I hope we get an album from him with the SSS.


I really think we will!

If he can get that darn laptop straightened out!

Hmm I think I better leave Robert a note! Lol :D

Mr. Plant, just in case you ever read this...I have some very smart friends in data recovery! ... And you do LOVE NOLA...And so does Patty! And I cook a mean seafood gumbo...

Just saying! Lol


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Hey Bayou: I am inviting myself - I'll bring the French bread and beer - and my guitar. How do you think Robert and Patty would feel about hanging around with a couple of y'ats? :hysterical:

They would learn a lot about the REAL New Orleans. :thumbsup:

Sounds wonderful to me!

Now wouldn't that be a time? :)

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Bayougal, great article. Maureen must have also been surprised to find that wallet!! Thanks for the post :peace:

Hey Ms Deb,

Wasn't that just the best story? I have been jolted back to my younger self a couple of times... Pretty awesome to realize though our outside might change a bit, our starry-eyed inside sometimes ain't too far away! :)

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Thanks Bayougal. If you read the article from the original source (The Daily Telegraph) there's a link within that leads to a great interview with Patty Griffin.

Oh ok, thanks DD, will def check that out!

I really like Patty a lot, her voice is just sublime!


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