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That was the week, that was!

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Well, when I set off last Sunday morning for the concert I could never have imagined what was to follow. Having 'just' caught the train with literally seconds to spare all seemed well. An hour later Mrs. whyalla was called upon to give CPR and mouth-to-mouth to a man who had just had a heart attack. She kept him alive for 40 minutes while we waited for the ambulance to come. Unfortunately, we heard that day that he never made it to the hospital. Shaken and running an hour behind schedule we made it to London.

After queuing for Leddy's band and tickets we all embarked on the Zeppelin party. A fabulous evening with like-minded people, good music, good food and drink and a quiz - it's a shame more didn't turn up!!! Next day, The Concert. Got back to the hotel about 4.30 am and bed for 6.30. Up at 9am for shopping!! That evening I managed to get food poisoning and was emptying out of every orifice all night and managed an hours sleep before more shopping! That evening Mrs. whyalla and I saw the fabulous Penguin Cafe Orchestra in a small chapel in Islington. We left London the following evening, but still managed to miss our scheduled train home. Arrived home very late, very tired but very happy!!

I'm still sorting through the pics I've taken but will post them as soon as. Here are a few taken from the Backstage party before the concert. A very surreal experience indeed, whilst we were eating, drinking etc... the Supergroup and Foreigner where doing their sound checks!!! Eating fine food whilst listening to Fanfare for the Common Man.....




More later.

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Neat, who all was at the backstage party? Did you meet the band??

No I didn't see any of the band there, but they would have been ironing their clothes about that time. :lol: As for everyone else, executives, celeb's and me. :ph34r:

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