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You ROCK! ..and.. You SUCK!


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You're very generous in giving candid feedback. :)

Your new grading system really sucks though. <_<

[i liked it better when you graded me on your

curves. I prefer your "D"s instead of "lame".]


Thanks for the compliments.

But you shouldn't be getting "Ds" or "lames..." you need to put in a bit more effort...

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I did Ms Hardass. Yes, I did. You're quite asstute.

And you know how to play hard ball too, it seems!

There's no way you're good enuf to make

a smartass outtta this dumbass though.

pffft! :rolleyes:

[edited to add]

hey, wait a minute! That's not what I..

oooh! damn you, manders! :mad:

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