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Newbe but a Long Time Led Zeppelin Fan


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A newbe here, but a long time Led Zeppelin fan.

I had the giant Jimmy Page poster in my room as a teenager.

Played a Gibson Les Paul through a Marshall half stack in a band when I was 17 and all the way through college.

Sold the Marshall to finace a honeymoon and just sold the 1977 Les Paul couple of years back.

Got into another band about 12 years ago and many Marshall's and guitars later I am still rocking with a Les Paul, Telecaster, Marshall, and Fender Amps. Love it.

My favorite band of all times is Led Zeppelin. When I was in my first in a band, Zeppelin is all that I cared to play (we did play other stuff).

I saw Zeppelin once, and Jimmy, Robert, and John Paul (with Heart) all solo a few times.

Glad to be an official member of the band that I have enjoyed so much for so many years.

My favorite album is "Led Zeppeling One". Guess I am showing my age.

Thanks again,


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