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Robert Plant Performing Live in 2014

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Love the new songs 11 th row orch center in NY woohoo

I get it. You're pissed. You hate the new stuff, you hate that he does old stuff. You want the real Led Zep (or as close as it can get minus one member). Face it it's not going to happen, don't let it bother you so much.

Personally, I like the new stuff. I'm glad that RP is doing what he wants and that JPJ is doing what he wants, and even that JP is busy reliving/re-mastering the Zep catalog. I hope someday JP writes a new song, or even performs an old song, but I'm not holding my breath.

AMEN exactly... Stick to the old records if u don't like the new songs I am more interested in hearing something new at this point anyway.
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Portchester is going to happen for me! Closer than Brooklyn, plus the revamped Capitol Theatre is such an historic venue!

Kind of strange with the Citi Card presale as it begins on August 12, this coming Tuesday at 10 pm. Usually most tickets go on sale in the morning, but being a presale, it may be different. Just hoping the information on the official Robert Plant site is accurate!! :unsure:

Anyone see the new video today for "Rainbow"? Great version. Anyone have any idea, where this was filmed? Not Glastonbury as this is an evening performance. One thing about this song is if standard percussion or drums are used instead of the African influence of this and this song has somewhat of a U2 feel to it, back to the "Joshua Tree" days with the keyboards, sound and feel to it. JMHO!

It seems that the original studio version of "Rainbow" has now been pulled off of Robert's YT site in favor of this.

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BAM in Brooklyn is pretty nice looking to. Hope everyone enjoys I was going to wait for CT later but on the

SMall chance he is not coming sold some stuff and got the tix Being a teacher this definitely makes September cheerier I love the job but not Sept or Januaries for some reason. This is only third time seeing Robert so I am really grateful BAM had those 2 tix in center orch.

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^^ Everyone going to the concerts have a great time :party:

Mamas Gun - Red Cassette (Live on BBC Radio 2)

Let's Get Ready To Rhumble - Ant & Dec, Robert Plant and Mamas Gun

Mamas Gun - 'Ramble On' (Led Zeppelin cover) on Chris Evans Breakfast Show

Mamas Gun - You're my best friend ( Queen Cover live BBC Radio2 )

^Robert just looks on....and plays a little harmonica:-)

I tried with no luck to find the interview if there was one with Robert!

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Just returned home to London from Glastonbury and what a show it was last night! Last night was my seventh time seeing Robert and it was by far the best! Seen many a band since I got into music and last night was the best show I've ever seen hands down. First observation is that the guy is back to rocking out big time. It was probably the most full on rock show I've ever seen him do, even more so than in 2005/6 in my opinion. It was loud and heavy. Second thing I have to mention is just how damn good his band are. I've always loved Strange Sensation and in this current incarnation they're the best they've ever been. They've been playing together on and off for over a decade now and it shows, they're far more than just a backing band. They really do justice to all the Zeppelin tunes, thought the drummer was incredible, a real Bonzo vibe, interesting to see he plays a Ludwig kit! Justin Adams has to be the best guitarist he's worked with since Jimmy. Loved the new songs, Turn It Up is a great rocker and what the rhythm section was doing during Little Maggie was astounding. Really like what Juldeh brings to the table during the current shows, gives it a real Page/Plant Unledded vibe. The highlight of the show for me had to be the new version of No Quarter, back to the vibe of the original track on Houses and was truly magical, really hope a decent recording of it from this current tour surfaces.

So all in all a truly brilliant show, love the new arrangements of the Zeppelin songs and it's great to see Robert back to rocking out like the Golden God he is! Been seeing Robert live since 2005 and this run is hitting new highs in my opinion. Sure, you'll never please everyone but if you love Zeppelin and Robert you have to see these shows! Really jealous of anyone seeing him in the Roundhouse later this year as I missed out on tickets. I'm hoping that he keeps the Sensational Space Shifters going for quite a while and doesn't feel the pull of Nashville again too soon!

Setlist was (from Setlist,fm):

  1. (Joan Baez cover)
  2. (Bukka White cover)
  3. Encore:
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Just got back from Robert's show at the Capital Theater in Portchester, NY. Robert was in fine voice as always and his band was very good as well. I didn't write down the songs, but it will certainly be over here soon.


He didn't do much of his older solo material, but concentrated mostly on his new album and plenty of Zeppelin material. I think 6 Zep songs overall. They were: Thank You, Going To California, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You. What Is And What Should Never Be, Whole Lotta Love and Nobody's Fault But Mine (done like the Page/ Plant Unledded version).

His new songs were received rather well as isn't always the case. Especially; Rainbow, Little Maggie and A Stolen Kiss. It was quite an enthusiastic crowd. Overall, a great night and time in a small venue, which Robert loves as do I. It was all GA seating for the floor and I was a bit in the back on a balcony area and still had a great view and the band still seemed quite close. This was show number 16 for me of Robert's. Hopefully, many more to follow!

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I can't find any songs from the new album on you tube yet for this night..but here are a few:-) I really want to hear A Stolen Kiss live! ^^ Dave , glad you had a great time and I also many more to follow :peace:

Robert Plant, Thank You, Capital Theatre, September 25 2014

Robert Plant, What Is and What Should Never Be, Capital Theatre, September 25 2014

There are a few more but they are LZ songs

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Thanks Deborah! Many thanks!

One thing, I forgot to mention is I think the show may have been recorded. Perhaps, for a future download? There was a mike stand on the back of the floor section and two smaller ones on the front of the stage on the left and right sides, so who knows? Unfortunately, I'll miss Sunday's live video broadcast from Brooklyn. Hopefully, it will be rebroadcast!

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Was looking at your dates Pilot and always forget the non American way of these. Being from the US I always prefer your way! Sorry, that's weird! Probably has something to do with my European heritage (100% Irish) and 8 trips to Europe since 1995! That's why there has always been a bit of a problem (not the word) with specific recording dates for songs etc.with Zeppelin as these things get lost in the shuffle. Listing day before month makes so much more sense to me. That's why there's so many mixups with these things.

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