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Led Zeppelin in Iowa City, Iowa 1-15-1969


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Excellent find, ccrider!!!

Although the article is filled with inaccuracies (Iowa was NOT the second date of the tour) and puzzling comments (the writer's observation that the band members had more of a future as individuals than as a band), it is always instructive and fascinating to read contemporary accounts of the early days of Led Zeppelin...before revisionism set in.

Note, for instance, the use of the term "acid rock" in regards to Led Zeppelin. That's what I always tell people...back then, bands like Zeppelin would be described as "heavy blues rock" or "acid rock" or "hard rock". The Heavy Metal tag came later.

At least they spelled Led Zeppelin correctly...dig the stage backdrop in that photo!

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Didn't know if this had made the timeline, glad someone like it. Sam great follow up

with the other info. One thing I was wondering though is has anyone tried to

contact this guy about his personal recollections? Since he was "there"

And my original post that I couldn't find went on to add.... they left Jonesy out...

again on that review....as if THREE important members of the new band were there!

Just saying....

Happy New Year everyone!

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I need all this article from newspaper, for the museum.

The Daily Iowan (Jan 7, 1969) (Iowa University Iowa City, IA) -- "Led Zeppelin Replaces Basie"

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Jan 15, 1969) (Cedar Rapids, IA) -- "Led Zeppelin Group to Play at U. of I."

The Daily Iowan (Jan 15, 1969) (Iowa University Iowa City, IA) -- Ad: Led Zeppelin live in Iowa City at University of Iowa January 15th 1969

The Daily Iowan (Jan 17, 1969) (Iowa University Iowa City, IA) -- " 'Free Music' Devotees Now Facing the Music" & "Dusk to Dawn" Concert at a glance

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