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New Led Zeppelin book by Roger Berlin relased now.

buy here:


Or end of the next week by Amazon

ISBN 978-3-8442-8017-3

Edited by Roger Berlin
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Hi Bob

You buy this book, the book coming to US, you sent the book to me, I singned the book, and I send the book returne. Uhhhhhhh

We see us this year and than I singned you book.

The next year coming the secound book 300 pages Led Zeppelin and your LP's.

2016 coming Led Zeppelin and your Concert's, worldwide. All books to read.


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I dont get it....what is it a photo book of? Magazine covers??? There are a lot of early magazines missing, and I am sure you know this. I have seen some that are IMPOSSIBLY rare at a fellow collectors house. I offered $500 per magazine and he said no...but the point is I have never seen these anywhere else. A book on magazines is doomed to be incomplete......but I am still curious as to what this is.

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Hello shinedaddy

My name is Roger

I also have a couple of magazines that you do not yet know.
It would be nice if someone has rare magazines and publish it.
I have published my magazines.
And who wants to can see over 700 magazines worldwide.
Google Translator, sorry my english is bad.

Roger Berlin

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hallo roger, ich denke, eine unvollständige Buch der Zeitschrift deckt perfekt. das ist, was ist so aufregend zu sammeln. es gibt immer ein neues Stück von Schatz ausgegraben werden. ich möchte Sie wissen, ich schätze all die harte Arbeit, die Sie tun, und dass Sie diese harte Arbeit mit dem Rest von uns zu teilen. Ich freue mich auf den Kauf Ihrer Buch in den USA und es bringt Ihnen im Museum für die Unterzeichnung. danke Roger Led Zeppelin Museum in Print Berlin. bk

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ok thanks for clearing that up. Seems like there is very little point to this book. Of course thats ok because a lot of books have no real point. It would have been interesting to have a virtually complete record of every magazine feature from 1968-1980 but a book of just the magazine covers is really kind of worthless......we can allsee the covers by searching this site or ebay closed auctions or other sources, and the covers themselbves are only interesting to a point.

dont get me wrong, I used to collect magazines with them on the cover 1968-1973 only and I have a few left that I dont even see in your archive so I LIKE MAGAZINES.....but the idea of just looking at a book of pictures of their covers strikes me as a non-starter. What was your reasoning in thinking this was needed?? I know you love books and magazines and thats your passion and you probably wanted to share it but this is really pointless.

I know ohters will say there have been books like this before on the 45's etc but the difference is that at the time of soem of those other books, you couldnt reference the material in a lto fo other ways. a HUGE percent of these mag covers are already out there and can be seen right now, so hwo often will one look at the book?

I am all for Zep books etc but I just thinkl this particluar one is pointless. Now, do it again with reprints of the INSIDE of the magazines too and we have a deal.......however I am sure the book will look good. I do find the covers interesteing but not again adn again and again.......

I collect concert posters myself and its a passion so I am not knocking your dedication...but as much as I love what I love, I realize 99.99999% of the rest of the world could care less and I wouldnt write a book about it for sure. I think you and your passion fall into this category too but you made the book anyway.......

AT THE LEAST, the covers should have been cleaned up digitally....like folds on your copies could have been cleaned up, any writing on the covers should have been removed etc to preserve the ACTUAL covers as they were and not just a picture of YOUR copy of the magazine....you could have and should have shown the perfect realization of these magazines if you understand my meaning

Edited by shinedaddy
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hallo roger, when i go to Amazon they told me: Dieser Artikel kann leider nicht an den von Ihnen gewünschten Ort versandt werden. Sie können entweder die Versandadresse ändern oder den Artikel aus Ihrer Bestellung löschen, indem Sie die Stückzahl auf 0 setzen und anschließend auf "Aktualisieren" klicken. Erfahren Sie mehr


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