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ITTOD - Why is this the most disliked album of Led Zeppelin?


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Of course Zep did what they wanted to do, but actually STH and very likely other songs Page has stated that he "knew"

some songs would very likely make a big impact. Never knew the enormity of Stairway, or Kashmir, but again, knew

something special had been created. About Page's comments or lack of them affecting perception of his music, I

think this is a bit murky. ITTOD certainly is disparaged by Page, but so was the soundtrack TSRTS----less so, but

despite Page's "average night" judgement, many fans find much of the playing to be above average to great.

Beyond Zep, Page has really never judged the "Unledded" CD, most seem to like it, despite some flaws. Forgot --- Page always talks up Presence, Yet, seems the perception doesn't change.

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