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The World's Most Interesting Drummer


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Found this on another forum and thought I'd share;

1) It is said that the atomic clock in Colorado gets its timing from John Bonham.

2) His synchopated sonic symphony is credited with inspiring the exhaust notes of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and Citroen GT.

3) Moby Dick was used to dig the Chunnel.

4) His subtle timing and delicate wrists made three legendary Jazz drummers envious.

5) His right foot was used as a pile driver to drill for oil in the North Atlantic.

6) His 30 minute drum solo once registered a 4.5 on the Richter scale during a concert in Germany in March 1973.

7) He once outplayed the entire percussion section of the London Philharmonic Orchestra while simultaneously eating a sandwich in his right hand.

8) Mathematicians have studied his timing to better understand pure math.

9) All rock drummers threw away their sticks in 1969 after hearing the first Led Zeppelin album.

10) His double bass attack was outlawed on six continents.

11) God has Achilles Last Stand set as the ringtone on his mobile phone.

12) He coined the term "thrutch".

13) His Hertfordshire steers had better rhythm than any other animals in the UK.

14) When the Levee Breaks is the national anthem in the South Sudan.

15) Recordings of his footsteps are sampled even to this day.

16) Certain rare South American birds changed their mating calls to emulate his ching ring.

17) His great-grandchildren will be born with perfect rhythm and perfect pitch.

18) His shadow is in color and larger than Ginger Baker's.

19) The Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland will be adding two more rings to emulate John's symbol.

20) All traffic lights would turn green whenever John was driving.
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Except for this...

When did he ever use double bass drums?


This question has appeared here before,I remember reading about it but I can't date these photos.They could be from around the time of the first tour with Vanilla Fudge?

I do remember it has been said that Jimmy let Bonzo trial a pair of doubles for an early recording of CB but he had to omit the track because of Bonzo's overuse of the double bass drums.

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