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Anyone catch this? I find it over-simplified. http://www.forbes.com/sites/ruthblatt/2013/12/29/led-zeppelin-and-the-fundamental-tension-between-the-individual-and-the-team/

I have always felt that LZ was wide open in terms of the kinds of music you could explore. The array and scope of variety is HUGE. I have also felt that the thing that Plant enjoys about his solo career has way more to do with the variety of levels of intimacy with the audience than the variety of tunes or styles. Both JP and RP love to experiment but after a certain point the gig scale is limited to EPIC. The solo acts have allowed him to work small rooms again. I think the 02 reasoning at least partially was--OK if I am going to do the big epic thing again, I am going to do it BIG--The BIGGEST! What I mean to say is that RP has manipulated energy with that size crowd (or at least that category of size) a LOT. Perhaps he wants to explore the more intimate settings--and different KINDS of crowds. Can I go on in front of a bluegrass crowd and bring it? Can I go out in the middle of the desert and sing for a bunch of nomads who don't know me from Adam's housecat and bring it? Can I purposely re-work tunes from my back catalog that are HEAVILY laden with audience expectation--purposely not giving the audience what they THINK they want and still bring it? This is pro-growth.

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