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Black Jacket Symphony/Led Zeppelinhttp://youtu.be/_9Bd79QO_ss


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jabe and the missus attended the concert in Montgomery on Friday.

The band played "Houses of the Holy", start to finish. Incredible.

The second set included HOTH, GTBT, Ramble On, Heartbreaker/LLM, WLL. Trampled, OTHAFA. A spot on album version of DAC.

The lead guitarist broke out a cello for Kashmir. Stairway closed the show. I'm sure I've left a few out...

Of the Zep re-creators I've seen, this cast is as close to album perfect as I've ever seen live.

Early into the second set people were in the aisles were going fuckin' nuts.

I'll attend again in Birmingham again on Sat, 3/1. Maybe Fri, 2/28 as well.

If you're around these parts, grab your tickets. I assure a great time.

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Hi jabe,

Thanks for posting this. There was something similar to this in my area last year but plans to go did not come to fruition. Sounds like the jabes had a great night.

You're welcome, jb126, and we did have a great evening. Honestly, it was therapeutic.

Sorry your plans didn't pan out last year. Hope you get another shot soon!

I'll probably leave Mrs jabe home at the ranch when I see the band again in a few weeks.

That way I can figuratively let my hair down a bit more and do a 25-35 year mental regression.

I need more therapy!

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