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Atlanta 1973 16mm film


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Creator: WSB-TV (Television station : Atlanta, Ga.)

Date: 1973 May 4

Extent: Clip 1: 1 min., 22 secs., reel WSBN1930, time in 35 mins., 34 secs.

B-roll 1: reel WSBN1930, time in 38 mins., 24 secs.

Physical description: color, sound ; 16 mm.

Description: Led Zeppelin Concert at Fulton Co. Stadium

Clip no.: wsbn21818

Type: Moving images | News | Unedited footage

Subjects: Music | Stadiums | Fulton County (Ga.)

Repository: Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection.

Rights and Usage: For reproduction and usage of footage, contact: Ruta Abolins, Director, Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection, abolins@uga.edu

To provide information regarding the location(s), date(s), and/or person(s) in this clip, contact: Laura D. Shedenhelm, Media Archives Cataloger, shedenhe@uga.edu

Cite as: wsbn21818, WSB Newsfilm collection, reel WSBN1930, 35:34/36:56, b-roll 38:24, 0, Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection, The University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Ga.

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Fantastic find. I was there and had always wondered if there was any footage at all. The sidestage clip of Black Dog sounds great. Where I was sitting (a little above the 3rd base dugout) the bass was almost non existent so whenever Page would take a lead above the 5th fret it got really thin.The sound quality varied wildly walking around the stadium. Every 100 feet or so different frequencys would come and go. Just the nature of that stadium (which no longer exist).


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Do you remember the video screens from the show?

I always thought I remembered there being screens there but I wouldn't have sworn to it years down the line. Good to know my basic memory is intact. I was 14 and it was my first real concert. No drugs involved but... it was 40 years ago and I've seen 100's of shows in the interim. I do remember the lighting was great, especially during "No Quarter". Nowadays everyone would think it was no big deal but for back then it was pretty dramatic. The Showco PA was huge and plenty loud but as mentioned earlier it was no match for the bizarre acoustics of the stadium. Some spots were great and others were really not. I made a song list during the show and I've tried in vain to find it over the years. That $5 advance ticket stub is all I've got now. The crowd was pretty rowdy but that was a typical American Zeppelin crowd. It was the first show of that tour and the first show for me. Not a bad start.

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