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Crowd Control


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*Disclaimer: some unsavory language below. Keep in mind its not my own rambling but comments made by band members and the audience.

I've always found the band's and Plant's banter with the audience, especially rowdy audiences, to be interesting. In my opinion Plant shows a remarkable amount of restraint in dealing with the firecrackers, pushing, and even being hit by a firecracker in Landover in '77. Page however is less patient and this was on great display during the '80 tour.

Bonham is rather amusing in Bremen yelling at a fan who continuously screamed for Rock n Roll (a very common request coming from the audience at this time) "be quiet you cunt!" and yelling "Shut up" at another fan in Hannover. Page had his moments of frustration too.

Jimmy chastised the audience at several shows in '80 for being too loud and impatient. But upon recent listening I noticed a specific interaction in Brussels. Just prior to SIBLY, on the WR version of the show, Page can be heard assertively stating "patience" to which a specific rowdy fan yells back at him "c'mon you fuck!". Page then responds quickly, and the crowd roars in response to Page's words, but I'm having trouble making out what he said - it sounds like "(let's) toss him! ". The crowd gives its approval and then Page purposely draws out and repeats the first notes of SIBLY in a deliberate manner, likely directed at the fan. Can anyone give this a listen and comment on what they think Page says after the fan curses him? I found this to be a unique exchange for Zeppelin and their "ocean".

More broadly, are there other shows you have noticed that feature tense moments that require careful listening and are not as obvious as Milan or Vienna?

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