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[Q] How Many More Times clocking in at 3:30


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I recently bought a Spanish 1982 pressing of the first album, and it says 3'30" for How Many More Times.

Now I knew this was normal as is it says on Wikipedia:

"Most LP editions of the album also incorrectly list the running time of "How Many More Times" as 3:30."

I also found that "in order to get the song radio play. Jimmy Page understood that "How Many More Times" was a good song. But at over 8 minutes, it would never be played on radio. He intentionally changed the time to get radio stations to play the song."

That suggests the song is actually 8:28 as it always is.

As I heard the small break at 3:30, I was waiting for the song to continue but the record ended. Is the song 3:30 on more versions of the album? I'd like to know as I couldn't find it here or elsewhere.


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