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24/96kHz Remasters download only?


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You have to buy the $100+ Super Deluxe Editions to get access to the high-res downloads - for now.

But I'm betting that as soon as all the Super Deluxe Edition pre-orders have shipped, they'll make the high-res digital downloads available separately, most likely from HDTracks in the US and Qobuz in France.

If they made them available separately on the release date (and announced them now), they might lose some sales of the Super Deluxe Edition, because exclusive access to the full-resolution 24/96 digital tracks is no doubt a selling point of those editions.

However, if they never made the high-res files available separately, then sooner or later (more sooner), someone would put a copy up on a torrent or file-sharing site, and they'd become among the most pirated files on the internet.

So I think they will be available for separate purchase - it's just a timing game.

Finally, the above applies to the original albums only. I think it's not at all clear yet whether the bonus-disc material will be available separately as paid high-res digital downloads.

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I have to say that I think this is a mistake so bad it borders on the utterly stupid.

I was going to buy these box sets until I realised I would effectively be paying over £90 to get 2 downloads and as soon as this became obvious I cancelled my orders.


Simply because at these kind of prices I do not think a download is good enough, frankly, and it all reeks of a desperate afterthought designed to squeeze us to the max. At this cost the very least we should get is a DVD - 24/96 LPCM will go on a DVD with no problems at all, and I would have gone for it if this were the case, but never in a million years will I forkk out almost a ton on downloads. HDD fail, and there should be proper replicated content.

I will not be buying from iTunes either, as I have not got an iTunes account and have no intentions of ever doing so because Apple's security is pathetic (there is someone else with the same name as me and I keep getting his emails from Apple (they are genuinely from Apple - I checked with them) as they are hopeless with data, so no chance whatsoever - couplewd with the fact that downloads at premium prices is again outrageous. Give me replicated discs or you can stuff it & I will keep my money.

This kind of marketing encourages piracy, it really does. Whoever came up with this idea should be unemployed as they have no idea - labels are supposed to be there to sell music, yet they pull the kind of stunts like this far too often (surround releases are similarly screwed up by most) with the almost inevitable lack of sales to result, and then they turn around & claim nobody is interested because "we tried this & they did not sell".

Absolutely gutted with this.

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HDD do fail, and so does DVD(much more easily in fact) whereas these days hard drive space is dirt cheap, and so is the cloud so I don't see why anyone should be "fired" for the idea of providing lossless downloads to do with as you want with any device that has the software to play them and then when properly backed up never worrying of getting scratched like a DVD or dropped like a hard drive. Unless you make copies of/and/or rip a dvd, cd etc, then you are at a definite loss with just a scratch and headed back to the store again


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