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New Tina Turner album recorded with Page,Plant,Jones and Jason Bonham!


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I cannot BELIEVE I fell for this......


I pride myself on catching these sort of things and I defend myself by saying that it is still March 31st here!!!!

....April Fools Day didn't even cross my mind!!

.Kudos to the author of the article.....great premise!!

Now excuse me while I go sit in the corner in acute embarrassment..... :blush:

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Sussed this one straight away, it being 1st of April. But I have to say there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I would ever buy a Tina Turner record no matter who her back up musicians are.

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Why would this project be an April fools joke?

This musical partnership would seem very plausible since the original

Zeppelin members have known TT since the sixties and Jimmy is friends

with her current husband.

The old blues standards make sense and "Saltflower" may be

a new duet with Robert - why not?

April fools? Why? I for one hope this is fact and not some form

of a joke. I think it would be an awesome collaboration.

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