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Things People Do That Rub You

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7 hours ago, redrum said:

#1 for me still has to be the thumping car stereos and now the ridiculous sounding car and truck exhaust systems. What the fuck ever happened to the noise ordinance? 

8.20.010 Declaration of policy.

It is declared to be the policy of the city to minimize exposure of citizens to harmful and psychological effects of extensive noise. It is the expressed intent of the city to control the level of noise in a manner which promotes commerce, the use, value and enjoyment of property, sleep and repose, and the quality of the environment. (Ord. 1599 § 3, 1988).

Me too. In fact, just the other night in Kobe (Japan) I watched four motorcyclists tailgating some young Japanese douchebag in a Lamborghini down the road. He'd gun his engine and they'd respond in kind by revving their bikes. It was one big penis substitute parade that impressed no one besides themselves. I hope they all arrived safely at the Saturday night dick dance they must have been headed to.      

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