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Just 4 fun, Stories using Zeppelin song names? a Challange

borrowed time

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Heres a fun creative writing idea, try writing a story using Led Zeppelin song titles! Here's mine:

“The Quest for Led Zeppelin

One day in in early spring I was “A Fool in the Rain” eating a “Hot Dog” with “Darlene” , when I heard the good news! Led Zeppelin will be re-releasing their first three albums with previously unreleased recordings!

I swore that I would “Bring it on Home” even if I had to go all the way to “Kashmir” to get them. “In the Evening”, despite being “Sick Again” from accidentally falling off the “Black Mountainside” and being “Dazed and Confused”, I sat and worked out how to make sure to get the new releases so I could “Rock and Roll.”

I knew I had to have an alternate plan, cause “When the Levee Breaks”, it’s too late to turn back. “In the Light” of the morning of July third, “Im Gonna Crawl” outta bed, get dressed and have a “Tangerine” before I leave. If I run late, it will be “Nobody’s Fault but Mine”.

The day finally came, so early in the morning, I called a cab, but because of a “Communication Breakdown” it never showed up, so I decided to “Ramble On” by myself. I said to my wife “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” but I promised her “We’re Gonna Groove” when I get back. As I was leaving the house, I asked my neighbor “Poor Tom” where the nearest CD shop was and he said “That’s the Way” and pointed west, I said “Thank You” and moved on.

I had been traveling until noon when I stopped off and had “Tea For One” and some “Custard Pie” to refresh myself. In the back of the restaurant I could hear a cook doing the “Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp” cause of all the roaches. I didn’t have “A Whole Lotta Lovefor that place and vowed never to return. As I ran by some “Friends” they commented it looked like I had the “Hots on for Nowhere”.

After several wrong turns I was getting frustrated and wondered “How Many More Times” I would get turned around. It was then that I tripped and fell infront of a parade and was badly “Trampled Under Foot.” When a horse broke loose someone yelled run "For Your Life”. I tried to get away down an ally way but was chased and bitten by a “Black Dog”. I flipped off it’s owner and told him “Your Time is Gonna Come!”

I knew even if I have to swim “The Ocean”, or travel "Over the Hills and Far Away” I will be getting these CD's. When I arrived at the store, it looked like “The Battle of Evermore” had broken out so I joined the fray and gave “No Quarter”. Someone knocked over the store display and all the CD’s were “Out on the Tiles.” The situation was “Wearing and Tearing” on my nerves and I snapped and killed someone.

Now, it’s “Ten Years Gone” and I sit in this jail cell, my story is a real “Heartbreaker.” Tomorrow they send me to the “Gallows Pole” and “The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair” is “Going to Califonia to be a “Livin Lovin Maid (She’s Just a Woman)”. Tomorrow night they will send me to the “Houses of the Holy” and if the gods are merciful, I’ll be climbing the “Stairway to Heaven.”
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