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Tight But Loose 37 - Buy It At Special Low Price!


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TBL 37 is coming soon. Please take the time out to read all of Dave Lewis' message, where you will find that you can get the upcoming issue at a special lower price.

TBL 37:

TBL 37 is nearing completion for publication early next month. As you will read below, this really is an exceptional issue Having worked away at it these past few months (with invaluable assistance from Mike Tremaglio) – the objective is to get this issue seen by the widest audience possible.
To that end, I am driving a promotion to draw in lapsed and potential new readers by offering the forthcoming issue at a bargain price –the price is just £3 plus postage – a substantial saving of almost 50% on the normal cover price.
So – if you are reading this (as many of you are) and have never indulged in the TBL magazine, I would urge you to do so –this really is a great issue to come aboard. Revenue of the magazine is the lifeblood to driving the whole TBL brand, including the running and maintaining of this website. In effect the magazine remains the cornerstone of the TBL offer.
I believe passionately, that within all the masses of Led Zep related info available on many a website, facebook and twitter page, the TBL magazine stands alone as offering something truly unique, tangible and collectable within all the platforms of modern day social media communication.
Not least because you can tangibly feel the product and soak up the content at your leisure to be stored and read again and again – content that (with key input from the various contributors), I strive manfully to make as interesting and captivating as possible.
To maintain that status, I need to be selling more copies and increasing the subscription base to reach a much wider audience. It’s a source of some frustration for this editor that given the man hours and effort that goes into producing the magazine, it has a relatively minimal audience in the scheme of things and many of you who clock this website have yet to indulge. With your help, I aim to substantially change that this year. Driving up the subscriptions and sales of the TBL magazine is one of the key initiatives of the TBL brand ahead.
There is of course a dedicated loyal base of TBL readers and subscribers – many of whom have supported the magazine over many years and we have grown sales in the past year which is very pleasing given the current economic climate. But there are more of you out there I want to capture.
So have a wade through the info below – then go to pay pal and order this forthcoming issue. Treat it as a tariff if you like for all the free information I provide week in week out, to enhance your appreciation of the wonderful world of Led Zeppelin and beyond.
You won’t regret it and I think you will be back for more…enabling the TBL magazine to carry on its 35 year (and counting) mission to take every reader back to all this inspirational music (and boy given the scope of the reissues due – it is going to be very inspirational ahead) with a fresh perspective every time…
Dave Lewis
April 11th 2014
For a limited period only, the forthcoming new issue of the Tight But Loose magazine issue 37 will be available at a special bargain price of just £3.00 plus postage –that’s nearly half the cost of the standard cover price!.
With the expectancy of the Led Zeppelin reissues reaching fever pitch across the globe, there has never been a better time to come aboard the world of Tight But Loose. The forthcoming issue is the perfect companion to get you right in the zone as the first three reissues are released…
And this issue is an exceptional one…including the following:
Led Zeppelin Summer 2014 – The First Three Reissues:
Your guide to the first three Led Zeppelin reissues with key insight and background info to what is in store…
Led Zeppelin Early 1969:
Mike Tremaglio tracks gig by gig, the tumultuous first Led Zeppelin tour of the US with extensive and accurate detail guaranteed to take you back to the psychedelic ballrooms and venues where the legend first came alive…
Led Zeppelin Early 1975:
Andy Crofts continues his tape analysis of the early months of 1975 –stopping off in February where Led Zeppelin were in the throes of a significant physical recovery…
Jimmy Page at 70:
On the occasion of his 70th birthday – the TBL Poll Results –the all-time favorite Jimmy Page performances as voted by you – plus James Patrick Page Session Man box set reviewed.
Joe Jammer: The TBL Interview:
‘’Watching Led Zeppelin was like seeing a freight train on steroids’’
A roadies tale and more – exclusive interview with the Zep ’69 guitar tech and roadie and performer in his own right…
Robert Plant: A new slant:
Latest Sensational Space Shifters news and more
John Paul Jones: Cloud to ground:
Minibus Pimps album and latest JPJ news activity
Glenn Hughes on California Breeding:
‘’Jason Bonham can now really put his hat next to his father’s – this is the greatest drumming he’s ever done on record by far.’’
Glenn Hughes on the formation of his new group with Jason Bonham
Plus: Deborah Bonham
Latest on her tour and Spirit album and more
Nick Anderson Collector Column
News of Led Zep 1 and Houses of The Holy acetates, The Object, eBay latest and more
Collector Focus –a museum of Led Zep magazines:
Roger Berlin’s museum of Led Zeppelin magazine museum
This really is an unmissable issue -therefore we would love to welcome you on board -and at a special bargain price!
The Tight But Loose magazine offers physical Led Zeppelin collectable content and presents unique essential Led Zeppelin reading… all pleasingly presented in an all colour format that can be stored, and re- read time and time again
It rekindles that old fashioned thrill of actually waiting for something…and knowing when that package lands on your doorstep – the waiting will be worthwhile.
Here is just a sample of many satisfied TBL reader feedback comments:
‘I’m an avid reader of Mojo,Q, Uncut, Record Collector and Rolling Stone but my subscription to the Led Zeppelin Tight But Loose is far and away the best value for money.’’ Michael Rae, Victoria Australia
‘’TBL is a great balance of serious in depth analysis and handy sized chunks to keep you fully up to date of what’s going on in the Zep world. If you are a Zep fan there really is no excuse not to get subscribed!’’ Richard Grubb, Cardiff, Wales.
..The TBL magazine consistently provides interesting and highly entertaining commentary and photographs in every issue. If you’re a Zep fan and haven’t subscribed yet, don’t wait another day.’’ Bill McCue, USA
‘’Without Dave Lewis. so much Zep folklore would be scattered – his infectious enthusiasm makes us all become the young Zeppelin fans we used to be once again!’’ Kevin Hewick, Leicester UK
Once you have enjoyed the TBL magazine I am sure you will be back for more – and the full details of the TBL 2014/15 Subscription offer will be included in your package.
Pre order now – TBL 37 will be shipping out in early May – the perfect companion to get you right in the zone as the first three reissues are unveiled…
This is the summer of Led Zeppelin – and the Tight But Loose magazine is the must read magazine to aid your enjoyment of a memorable period…don’t miss out!
If you are a current TBL 2013 subscriber –this issue completes the 2013 subscription for which you will have received issues 34 and 35 and the forthcoming TBL 37. Therefore to re iterate, you will automatically receive issue 37 next month.
It will then be time to re subscribe….talking of which…
The TBL 2014/15 Subscription is now live – so you can re subscribe any time – the sooner the better! This will ensure you never miss an issue and will be covered for the issues TBL 38, 39 and 40.
One again there will be a special 10×8 unique Led Zeppelin print suitable for framing for all subscribers.
I will be enclosing a prompt flyer in every copy of TBL 37 posted out to remind you it’s time to re subscribe.
..but you don’t have to wait for that –you can re-subscribe now at the link below:
Many thanks for all your support in advance.
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