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Fire Safety - Know Your Exits


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Just came back from two days of fire safety training. Part of the training involved watching this video of The Station Nightclub fire from Rhode Island:

Shocking that within 90 seconds of the start of the fire, the door is blocked off with people who can no longer move, they are packed in too tight. More than 70 of the 100 people died trying to get out of the main door, when side entrances and windows were available. It is estimated that the fire moved about one foot every second, extremely fast moving. Most fire studies show that when a fire starts, you have less than two minutes to get out.

Know where your exits are (including windows). Don't go to the main exit that you came in at, everyone else will be going to that point as well. Crawl, don't stand once smoke starts, the air is better down low. Think twice about even attending an event in older establishments like this one that don't have fire sprinklers.

Be safe everyone!

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