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1980 Tour


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are any of these rumored to have been recorded by the band at all? just to give me some hope we'll hear a live track on In Through the Out Door or CODA

To be frank, I don't think they even bother recording Tour over Europe on multitrack. The European summer tour was like an extended warm-up tour for the States.

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The 1980 Tour Over Europe is a fascinating period in the band's timeline. It is absolutely essential listening for the seasoned / serious Zeppelin fan and can be appreciated and critiqued on many levels.

The shows run the gauntlet from inspired to tired, aggressive to passive. Every single show however has something unique to it if one is careful to listen. Certain members perform better at some shows than others, but there are many times where the listener can clearly hear the band having a great time.

Check out Bonham's comedic off-mike effects at Bremen or Hannover, listen to Jimmy's blistering TUF solo in Vienna, hear Jonesy's amazing bass run on ALS near the beginning of the track at Hannover, listen to Plant's aggressive Stairway singing at Frankfurt, hear Page plead with the audience for patience in Brussels, listen to Bonzo's INCREDIBLE rendition of ALS in Zurich, enjoy Plant's impassioned wailing during the TUF solo in Mannheim on July 2nd. The list goes on.

I would tend to doubt that the tour was multi-tracked, but then again it had been done before and Jimmy was keen on getting the sound right for the (still tentative) upcoming American tour. As it stands the soundboard for Zurich is one of the brightest and clearest soundboards of any show ever. Seek out "Blitzkrieg Over Zurich" via EV...

I love this band, and I love this tour. Anytime anybody wants to discuss these shows, the backstage happenings, the memorabilia, the state of play, send me a PM. Hopefully we can learn new things from each other and have a good time while we're at it.

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