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Favorite/Best Achilles Last Stand?

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On 15/09/2015 at 4:20 AM, KellyGirl said:

Hahaha  oh my oh my.   I played this Tempe version and I must say my cat looked at me like I had 3 heads.

It wasn't looking at you like you were some kind of mutant, the poor moggy was fearing for it's life... Jimmy sounds like he's strangling a cat on that number, ye gods!!!

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1 hour ago, Nutrocker said:


That film is from Munich, isn't it? Last performance of "Achilles Last Stand"...

Not sure, it's just a still pic. and may or may not match the gig. But that rendition, wow! I have only heard a few Achilles live, I think this is the best one so far. Would love confirmation of what night it was from.

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Not sure what possessed me to stop by here for the first time in years, but hello, everyone.

I couldn't help but be drawn into this thread.


1977-06-23 is the one I usually choose if someone insists on hearing a live version of this piece.

Granted, there are plenty of holes in my collection.

I see a couple of things I'll have to look for next time I'm on the hunt.

This is normally not one of my favorite tunes to hear live,

despite the album version (and album it's from) being one of my all time favorites.

Slightly off topic, but this keeps popping up in the thread,

my personal opinion about the 1980 tour is that the audience tapes sound better.
The reverb of the hall, and mix from the front of house speakers are what they band intended the audience to hear.

Interesting little tangent Jimmy takes at around 8min in the vid above, but I can't count that as my (the) fav.
As has been stated, YouTube videos with still images could be anything,

but "Tour Over Europe 1980" in my somewhat dated experience normally refers to Zurich, and I'll go out on a limb and say,

that is what you have in the video above.


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Yep that is Zurich. Just had it out yesterday but my disc is not Tour Over Europe. It's TDOLZ " A Good Hot One", Zurich 1980. Bought it for a song.

The Studio Version with the "guitar army" , JPJ playing in a style adopted by Steve Harris of Iron Maiden and Bonzo's wild drum fills, is my favorite.

Live would be

Zurich 80

6/21/77 "Listen To This Eddie X-mas"

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My top 5 would have to be

1 Munich 1980: Features in my opinion Jimmy's best soloing for the song ever along with Robert's vocal sounding phenomenal for the time 

2 Copenhagen 2nd show 1979: 

3 Cleveland 2nd show 1977:

4 L.A 2nd show 1977:

5 Rotterdam 1980:

Honorable mentions include: Pontiac 77, Landover 77 final show, LA 77 all nights, Oakland 77 1st show, Knebworth the 4th 79, Brussels 80, Zurich 80, Frankfurt 80. 

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1 hour ago, IpMan said:

That June 22nd 1977 Achilles is INSANE! Everyone is bringing their A game and then some. Zeppelin obviously ate their Wheaties...Cocaine infused Wheaties.

Seriously man. That version is hella tight. Even with the broken string/guitar swap. I love that ominous intro.. plus we got 8mm footage of it on Youtube.

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On 7/10/2019 at 12:53 PM, gibsonfan159 said:

No love for the Seattle version? I think it's more energetic than Knebworth with Bonzo playing more dynamically. He really kept that Seattle show alive.

It is indeed a great Bonham performance (Achilles and the show as a whole).  Perhaps his last great show--fitting, as it also has his last solo...

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Houston May 21, 1977 is another favourite ALS of mine. In my top 10, I think...maybe even top 5. Bonham is very energetic without being too busy and destroying the groove. Listen to him vary the fills and the beat during Jimmy's guitar solo. Very cool. The soundboard makes Jimmy's guitar sound very dry and lacks the effects and reverb you would hear in the arena...it probably sounds better on the audience tape. Surprisingly, Jones Alembic bass does not sound as thin and twangy as it usually does on the soundboards.


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