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Help ,im looking for this WHOLE interview 1975

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Help ,im looking for this WHOLE interview, ive seen a few more minits of it than whats left of it on youtube ,

but it disapeared ! ?

, IT was really good , i mean REALLY GOOD !

I LOVE how confident & PROUD they were of LED ZEPPELIN ,

however never seen the whole thing!!post-13216-0-36023700-1401745577.gif

he also says the same about JONSEY !


id like to find more of them two like this !

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Is this the one....very sad. about 4:40 in Robert states that ^^

No ,but thankyou

this does contain a woderfull snip of it ,my favorite part actually !

however its a full interview, & you will enjoy it once we find it.

he gives you alot of insight of how easily the band does what it does

thanks again

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im surprized im not getting much help on this.

This site has never failed me yet, those "who know" are likely busy enjoying the remasters or like me :

all over the net enjoying watching PAGE out & about & giving detailed interviews daily it seems!

we thirst for a glimps of him & now he's everywhere!


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