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New Remasters vs 45 RPM LPs

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My name is Keith. I have a record store and we sell extremely high end audio equipment including the laser turntable. The speakers I am using are the Tidal T1 Sunray with the Woofer Towers which sell for over $200,000.I have many high end and famous clients. I personally own the 45 rpm classic records box set. We had an account before they went out of business. I only had time today to listen to Zep II and compared it to the 45 rpm lp's. In the past I have compared it to every thing else and the 45rpm box set blew everything else away..... till now. I would say that Page's remaster is superior to the classic records at least for Zep II because the tape Page must of used was as close to whatever you call a master and definitely closer than what was sent to Classic records. Because of that you can hear everything with superior clarity . The 45 rpm set had a slight haze to it at least on my turntable a VPI HRX with Dynavector cartridge. On the remaster,the Bass is much more deep, the vocals are more clear and the guitar is ferocious! No question Page did the remastering as that guitar sizzles out of my speakers. I swear sometimes Jimmy is playing the guitar for me in the room! For a moment forget about listening to it as a whole just listen to the room it was recorded in , listen to the ambience listen to the echo of the room and the cymbals. Listen to what surrounds the voice. Listen to the nuances. The only thing that could be better than these remasters would be to listen to the tape Jimmy used to remaster them. I collect master tapes and have many and even this beats some of the 15 ips safety master copies I have of Zep.No question the 96k download is the way to go if you have the right set up, next the record is best, than the CD again it depends on what your system is. If your system is not expensive then CD is fine If you have a system like mine which is hundreds of thousands of dollars than 96 k is best(and I hate digital) but it proves best in most cases these days unless they remaster a record using original analog tape and it is the master or real close to it. I must say Bravo Jimmy! Bravo for an excellent job. You have brought tears of joy to my life so I can relive childhood memories of playing records on my shit turntable . Keep the masters coming, give us more stuff from the vault and more live shows even if you are not happy with the performances. We love them all! Thankyou so much for everything.

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