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Theoretical talk: Best Equipment to listen to HD Downloads on?

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To get it out of the way first, of course brands and loyalties to each are going to bias things here. I'm wanting to get out of this sort of thing in a way here... anyways:

When it comes to listening to the rock and roll band that changed it all, in their highest "resolution" format, one want's to make sure you have the right equipment right? While simple ear buds will do the average listener, ,most of us here I bet are not just the average listener. This got me to thinking, what equipment would be best for reproducing this fine art? Surely that which makes the London Philharmonic sound pure, won't let the hammer of the gods guide our ships to new lands right?

Technically all you need is something to fatefully reproduce sound from one range to another, and everything in between.

But what ranges would be best? 20h to 20khz? 0 to infinity? I know I don't, but I bet some of you do!

This of course is all great to talk about, though there is one thing that usually grounds this kind of conjecture... budget. Let's leave that idea out of this. This is talking the finest of the fine, after all we all know where you're going, and just where you've been... but where do we want to end up? And how do we get there woman?....(or man...)

What equipment will tickle our ear drums just right for that blissful experience that only the best can bring our brains to an ultimate climax? How would you best reproduce that analog signal we all love?

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I'm no technical savvy bloke when it comes to components but for vinyl I'd want Mcintosh tube amps and preamps through B&W 800D's with VPI turntable and for CD's Electrocompaniet gear, I just know after a little reading about this stuff I'd be in aural heaven!

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Yes, but what would you consider among the best of the best in equipment?

I can only state the equipment I have (and that's already in another thread) I can't quote from the internet or from reviews as, that is only the view of the person writing it, (and since they are being paid to do so, I take their reviews with a pinch of salt)as I won't have heard the equipment for myself, I cannot say if it will be good or not.
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Once the CD gets riped into a computer it looses it's life. That being said, I listen everyday to music from my computer and phone, but even compared to the sound that CDs have, the music just doesn't breathe. The only true way to listen to a band from the 50's - 90's is to just listen through Vinyl.

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