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MILAN July 5, 1971 8mm NEW FOOTAGE


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There's got to be TON's more - the photo of all 3 from this show with a TON of photographers behind them - someone had to have a Super 8MM around their neck. Tho it looks like its been pulled already. How was the quality? Looking forward to seeing this.

Ok -maybe all of us checking out the footage put a strain on the site - just saw it. pretty cool. wish it was better but I'll take it!

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The footage is actually only 30 seconds - that fade in the middle of the film is when the footage starts to repeat itself.

Love these great and rare gems! Thanks Sam...and ledzepfilm, looking forward to you working your magic :peace:

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.That of Milan, it was a really strange situation, due to the lack or total lack of musical culture from the organizers of the event. The mistake was to combine an event (Cantagiro) which consisted of the display of three-minute pop songs of singers, suitable for housewives, .. ah .. ah .. ah ... - for charity, all due respect to those songs, but it's a bit like mixing a concert with types such as George Strait and immediately after the Cannibal Corpse - there to do the best laughs! In addition, the term "political-cultural" in Italy was very delicate, with very politicized youth movements which claimed that their music and the world in the way it was for totally free - the music was their right, regardless of how much we is behind a rock concert while entertaining - to which all ended up down the drain, leaving thus followed in Italy away from the circuits of international rock, with some exceptions, such as EL & P. or the Genesis -

I forgot, also we give best wishes to his nephew, who made the short video, and to whom it is dedicated, I hope he likes it!!

two articles:

When Milan drew tears from Led Zeppelin
Robert Plant, voice of the group disbanded in '80 tonight on stage at the Mazda Palace in turn were seen guys who beat time with the tools of their idols was the' beginning of a turbulent season where the music coincided with the protest




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