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Hi there fellow Zep fans. I was going through my old Hi8 video tapes and found this from 11th August 2000. Robert Plant (with the Priory of Brion) playing Hey Joe at Fairport Convention's Cropredy Festival, nr Banbury, UK. Just the one video angle from the crowd and a bit wobbly in places on the zoom ins and hasn't picked up the audio bass end brilliantly but it captures the live performance quite well I think and it was done with probably the best quality non pro camcorder of that time, Hi8, so visually not too bad - it's hopefully something Zep & Plant fans will enjoy so I'm dusting off the cobwebs and putting it out there to share. I think Robert was in good form that night but although the band was OK, and did interesting quirky arrangements, it doesn't have quite the guitar dynamics I come to expect and relish with Planty but I still enjoyed listening to it.



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Thank you Deborah, glad you enjoyed it, I've just posted another one on this same forum, them doing 'Gloria' at the same event. Not much more footage postable from my video there, probably too much beer or whatever and enjoying it rather than videoing it ...but glad I did. i might do a bit of a mash up video as I've Robert doing a good round of 'baby baby babies' and 'push push' and a nice 'take it to the bridge' (glad he's found that confounded thing at last!) ...plus quite a bit of him doing some not half bad lead guitar! :peace:

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