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Doctors of Madness

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I feel like I'm living in Ottawa again back in the 1980's hanging out at The Turning Point record shop the last number of weeks since I changed my career. This I'm very very proud to say is one band that has a small international cult following of which I'm a member of!! Also believe that Andrew Farriss of Inxs nicked the title for his own song, and Joe Elliott plays them the very odd time on his radio show:


The background of this tune is very warm sounding, and the guitar is perfect to strum to when the kids are in bed!

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The part that pisses me off is when people talk about punk they talk about the Pistols and the Clash and Generation X but people forget about the Doctors! And yes, it's a GREAT song!

I had never heard of the Doctors so I guess you're right! :lol: I think there are a lot of bands that don't get the credit they are do. Everyone makes some kind of contribution I think. :)

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