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Your 5 favorite tracks off the Led Zeppelin II and III companion discs?

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Now that they are out there to enjoy and digest, what are your five favorites from the II and III companion discs?

I wish that the debut had been given the outtake treatment but the Paris concert is still a treat in and of itself.

Here are five that stand out for me...

Thank You (Backing Track)

Just hearing the music alone sparks a greater appreciation for how truly beautiful this song is. Probably my favorite, so far, out of all the companion disc tracks.

Since I've Been Loving You (Rough Mix Of First Recording)

What a delight this version is! Love the alternate lyrics and Page's alternate solo bits.

La La

This is my favorite of the three "unreleased" tracks. Jones's captivating intro, then Page enters with some acoustic, then electric, guitars. Then that searing solo. Great stuff!

Key To The Highway / Trouble In Mind

I like this one a bit better than Jennings Farm Blues. It is more earthy, a bit of front porch flavored blues that fits very well with the style of III.

Ramble On (Rough Mix With Vocal)

There is something special about this track and while it's not necessarily "better" than the finished take, it is interesting to hear it minus Jimmy's guitar solos and with Robert's slightly alternate take on the vocals.

Well, there you have it. Which five stand out for you?

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Keys to the Highway/Trouble In Mind-My very favorite of the new stuff. Hard to understand how HOTRH beat this one onto III. Royalties I suppose?

That's the Way (Rough Mix with Dulcimer and Backwards Echo)-Best 'sound' to my ears, like that it's a bit faster than the album version

Bathroom Sound-Bonzos footwork really stands out here

La La-Such a different sound for Zep. Especially like the 'Outro' portion with Jimmy's wah-wah pedal.

Whole Lotta Love (Rough Mix with Vocal)-Alternate vocals really work well.

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Sorry none of the LZ II alternates for me.

Don't get me wrong, II is firmly positioned in my all time Zep top 3, but the alternates make little sense. Somehow they feel like either wrong (heartbreaker, Ramblers on) or simply incomplete takes (WLL, Moby Dick, Lala,...). Zep III alternates are much more rewarding and it feels like a proper album. The inclusion of 'feel so bad (blues medley) 'hey hey what can I do ' and the Bombay symphony "friends" would have turned it into a solid 5 star album

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If I'm basing my list based on what I genuinely enjoy the most (chronologically):

1. "Heartbreaker"

2. "Thank You"

3. "That's the Way" (titled "Robert's Song" on the tape; also "The Boy Next Door")

4. "Since I've Been Loving You"

5. "Gallows Pole"

If I'm basing my list based on what is I find to be most interesting/revealing (chronologically):

1. "La La"

2. "Whole Lotta Love" (titled "You Need Love" on the tape)

3. "That's the Way"

4. "Since I've Been Loving You"

5. "Key to the Highway/Trouble in Mind"

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1) Since I've Been Loving You

2) Whole Lotta Love

3) Thank You

4) Keys To The Highway

5) That's The Way

I wish Page would've added something for The Lemon Song on II, a backing track would have been cool to really hear all the groovy bass but it seems like he avoided anything that he would have to credit other musicians on such as the melody in HMMT...

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The subtle stuff is very interesting on the extra discs and I really like the less produced sound. Heartbreaker, ramble on, immigrant song etc were clearly formed and so good, without studio tweeking. There is an ambient sound on friends and bathroom/tiles that are cool to hear. I am basically still listening to only the companion discs.

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