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Has anyone ever been in a Led Zep tribute band?


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Or at least, a covers band that plays a lot of Zeppelin?

I'm looking to start one up myself at some point in the near future. Not a tribute band, per say, as I'm a girl for a start off and don't much look like any of LZ, but just a band who plays exclusively (or mostly), Led Zeppelin music. I think that would be awesome!

I'm going to a jam night this Sunday near where I live and singing a couple of numbers with the house band. They're good friends of mine and excellent musicians, and they know a few Zeppelin songs. I'll be nervous as hell. I was planning to sing AND play, but I haven't quite got my head around doing Jimmy's parts and Robert's vocals at the same time. After all, there was two of them and only one of me. ><

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OK, the jam night went exceptionally well....like, to the point where I couldn't believe how well it had gone. I was so nervous and really shitting it, but when I got up there on stage it was like the spirit of Robert Plant just took me over or something, hahaha, lol. I amazingly managed to sing the songs in the correct key, hit all the correct notes (even the ridiculously high pitched ones), remember all my words, and still dance and rock about the stage. It's convinced me that I probably could be a lead singer if I put my mind to it, when previously I've only ever been the bass player, guitarist or drummer and yeah, it's made me even more determined to put my own Led Zep band together because nothing was more satisfying and a greater buzz than singing those songs live on stage tonight, woah, I had such a good time, I can't even put it into words. :D

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BecZep, am glad to hear your jamession went well!

You know, I take part in a bandcoaching project here in The Hague. You play in a band, but you have a coach to help you out (a pro musician or music teacher). Small performances are also organised. I have been practicing Rock & Roll (not even that hard and a lot of fun to play), if only I could get our (female) lead singer to at least try and sing it. She says the song doesn't suit her voice, so I guess no Led Zep on our repetoire.......

Oh and I am also giving Whole lotta love a try and now have the basic riff down, now for the rest of the song. :-) What we play so far (let me remind you, we've only recently formed a band):

-Like the way I do (Melissa Etherridge)

-Girl (dutch rockdiva Anouk)

-Black Velvet (Alannah Miles)

-Beast of burden (Bette Midler)

-If I could turn back time (Cher)

-Brass in pocket (Pretenders)

-Fire (Bruce Springsteen/Pointer Sisters)

The thing with this bandcoaching thing, is that I have been in bands with quite a few different people. You know how it goes, people quit after a year, new people enter the band, and so on....... I really hope the band we have now sticks together and will eventually really become a band (without the need of bandcoaching).



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Great job BecZep :)

I am getting really toey for singing again. My band from the mid 90s used to do Rock and Roll, and Houses of the Holy. I wanted to do more, but the rest of the guys were into variety so that's what we did.

I really want to get something going again, with good blokes (or gals, I suppose) who don't want to muck around but have a genuine desire to express the music and the integrity of it. I'm in Sydney (not meaning to hijack the thread, but the title is have YOU ever been in a tribute band! :D )

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