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Rolling Stones Thread


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I thought the Stones set at Hyde Park was rather offkey and sloppy. I attribute it to Brian Jones' recent death.

After Mick Taylor had been with them a few months their performances greatly improved, especially the November shows of Oakland and the Madison Square Garden in New York City.

It was but still a great stripped down raw performance.

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It was Mick Taylor's first performance with them and Brian had just died, whaddaya want?

A great show??

Well, if you'd been there, that's what you'd have got. We hadn't seen them live for ages, we hadn't expected the show to go on at all, they were unveiling their new guitarist, the atmosphere was absolutely electric--it was an amazing day, the audience rocked, and it was free! I'll never forget it. There's a helluva lot more to a great show than mistake-free accuracy.

(No, that wasn't me in the water--I was the one on some kind stranger's shoulders! Strangely this happened to me again decades later at the O2. :D )

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The Rolling Stones - The Universal Remasted Re-releases

Sticky Fingers


1. Brown Sugar

2. Sway

3. Wild Horses

4. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

5. You Gotta Move

6. Bitch

7. I Got The Blues

8. Sister Morphine

9. Dead Flowers

10. Moonlight Mile

Goats Head Soup


1. Dancing With Mr D.

2. 100 Years

3. Coming Down Again

4. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)

5. Angie

6. Silver Train

7. Hide Your Love

8. Winter

9. Can You Hear The Music

10. Star Star

Can't wait to hear these 2 gems with cleaner sound. GHS...the sound quality is God awful!

And Exile later in the year, i'll be buying that the day it's out.

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Shine A Light by the Rolling Stones featuring Bonnie Raitt

Saw you stretched out in Room Ten O Nine

With a smile on your face and a tear right in your eye.

I could not see to get a line on you, my sweet honey lover

Berber jewelry jangling down the street,

When you shut your eyes at every woman that you meet.

I could not seem to get a high on you, my sweet honey love.

May the good Lord shine a light on you,

Make every song you sing your favorite tune.

May the good Lord shine a light on you,

Warm like the evening sun.

When you're drunk in the alley with your clothes all torn

And your late night friends all leave you in the cold gray dawn.

Just seemed too many flies on you, I just can't brush them off.

Angels beating all their wings in time,

With smiles on their faces and a gleam right in their eyes.

Whoa, thought I heard one sigh for you,

Come on up, come on up, now, come on up now.

May the good Lord shine a light on you,

Make every song you sing your favorite tune.

May the good Lord shine a light on you,

Warm like the evening sun.

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Courtesy of Rocks Off, Fergie and Mick Jagger, stylish in black and white.

I just watched them do "Gimme Shelter" on youtube. It was surprisingly great. Fergie blasted out the midsection vocal to great effect. Bono was the only weak link vocally, but all in all great.

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I just watched them do "Gimme Shelter" on youtube. It was surprisingly great. Fergie blasted out the midsection vocal to great effect. Bono was the only weak link vocally, but all in all great.

I usually refer to Bono as Bone Head, but maybe I could refer to him as the Weak Link.

Speaking of "Gimme Shelter"(the song), Gimme Shelter(the movie) is coming out on blu-ray Dec.1st.

Also coming out on blu-ray, Nov. 10th, is The Rolling Stones: Live at the Max.

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Nov 11, 8:19 AM EST

Ronnie Wood divorced by wife Jo over adultery

LONDON (AP) -- Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood has been divorced by his wife of 24 years on the grounds of adultery.

Jo Wood has been granted a decree that is the first of two stages of divorce.

The divorce becomes final after six weeks and a day.

The 62-year-old guitarist married the 54-year-old former model in 1985 and they have two children together.

They split last year after the musician began a relationship with Russian Ekaterina Ivanova. The affair was widely covered in Britain's tabloid press.

Neither Jo nor Ronnie was present at London's High Court Wednesday for the granting of the divorce.

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Mrs Ronnie Wood: the rock chick with rock chic

By Hilary Alexander

The Telegraph

Published: August 5th 2005

After 20 years of marriage to the Rolling Stones guitarist, ex-model Jo Wood can still put groupies in the shade, finds Hilary Alexander.

Statisticians are making much of the fact that the members of the Rolling Stones, due to start their new US tour in Boston this month, now have a combined age of 245 years. Less well known, and far more impressive, is the number of years Jo Wood and the band's wild man, guitarist and artist Ronnie Wood, have been together.

The couple celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in January, shortly before Jo turned 50, but they have been together an incredible 28 years - surely one of the longest-lasting relationships in rock history.

Jo, a bubbly blonde with a (still) impressive cleavage and long legs - which helped her to make her name as a model in her teens and twenties - remembers every detail of the first time they met.

"It was September 9, 1977. I was at a party at my ex-husband's. I was wearing my granny's blue dress, very buttoned up, with a Harris tweed jacket and cool boots. And there was 'His Majesty'. He followed me round the house, showed me the album cover for Black and Blue and asked me: 'Do you know who I am?'

"I liked him, but I thought I'd teach him a lesson. So I told him I worked on the broken biscuit counter at Woolworths in Oxford Street. He believed me!

"The next afternoon, I came back to the house and he was there, with his chauffeur. He'd spent hours outside the staff entrance of Woolies, asking for a Jo Howard." She giggles at the memory.

"That was it. I went to Paris with the Stones soon afterwards, and that's when I became a rock chick. The only thing that worried me was when I met Keith [Richards]. He was out of his brain at the time. I thought, I hope they don't expect me to get like that. It was a whole new world for me, a convent girl from Essex. And I was crazy in love."

Jo has been on every tour with the Stones since and, she says, very little has changed - not even the groupies.

"I went on my first tour when I was pregnant with Leah and there were all these women screaming and trying to get backstage. There was this girl grabbing Ronnie, saying 'I'm with him'. I told her, 'No you're not'.

"It was the same last week in Toronto when I was there for rehearsals. They're still all hanging around the studios, another generation of them."

Jo says she was convinced the Stones' most recent world tour, Licks 2002-2003, was going to be their last.

"But here we are again. A year, a year and a half on the road, living out of a suitcase. We're a big family. There's no bitchiness. We've all been there since the early years, we've seen the drugs, the alcohol. We used to stay up for days. We'd be woken up by someone saying, 'You're meant to be on stage now!' It was crazy.

"But that's all changed. Now, there's a personal trainer and organic food backstage. Everyone knows they've got to look after themselves. This tour is a tough one and you have to be fit mentally and physically."

She has developed a routine after years of travelling with the Stones. "I have about 12 suitcases and I separate all the clothes, so that each case is like a drawer - one for shirts, one for suits, one for sweaters. I choose all of Ronnie's clothes for him, even all his stage stuff. I couldn't leave him on his own. He'd probably come down in some old T-shirt from the Seventies.

"He loves Ugg boots, so I've bought him pairs in orange, green and yellow. He even wears them on the beach."

Since adopting an organic diet 12 years ago, after being diagnosed with Crohn's disease, and subsequently converting Ronnie and the rest of the family, Jo has become almost obsessive about food.

She has an organic garden at both the family's homes in Richmond, south London, and County Kildare, Ireland, and grows all her own vegetables. She has had a special portable stove made - complete with a hob, space for saucepans and a constant supply of Ronnie's favourite organic baked beans - which she takes on tour.

"I set it up in the Four Seasons, the Ritz Carlton, anywhere. They all think it's a stereo."

Jo's interest in all things organic has extended to her launching her own range of bath and body care products, chemical-free and luxurious.

The bath oils, body oils, soaps and body lotions capture the spirit of all the exotic places she has visited, from the Caribbean and Mexico to Morocco, Africa and the Far East. In addition, there are two fragrances, Amka and Usiku, named after the Swahili for day and night.

"I started working on it two years ago, because I wanted to do something for myself, and Ronnie said, 'Oh, Jo will never get it together.' I thought, 'I'll show him', and I did - and now he's my biggest fan."

So what is the secret of Jo and Ronnie's enduring relationship? They work well together both as a couple and as parents. They have four children: her son Jamie, Ronnie's son Jesse, both by previous relationships, and two together, Leah and Tyrone, as well as two grandchildren. Jo puts a lot of their success down to patience.

"I look at people like Patsy [Kensit] and Meg [Mathews], whose marriages to rock stars have failed, and I think perhaps they weren't patient enough. It can be difficult living with spoilt rock stars. But I was born patient. I'm a Pisces and I'm a good listener. I sacrificed my career to raise a family. I couldn't be as famous as my husband and I didn't want to compete. So I've looked after him, raised the children, been supportive.

"I'm a grounding influence. He's a maniac. If I didn't put food in front of him, he wouldn't eat. If I didn't remind him to rest, he'd carry on till he dropped. He forgets to look after himself - but I'm totally into looking after him."

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The special girl in Simon's life attends 50th and at home with Jo Wood only in HELLO!

05 OCTOBER 2009

Also in this week's copy of the mag - on sale now Strictly Come Dancing's Jo Wood invites us into the family home she used to share with her ex-husband Rolling Stone musician Ronnie and talks of how she hopes to reconnect with him.

"I would love for Ronnie to be back in our family's life," says Jo.

"I hope he'll be able to come over for Sunday dinner and that we'll all be able to sit down together and talk and laugh and be great friends. I'll cook him dinner he needs a good organic meal inside him."


Monday, 12 October 2009

Jo Wood has 'forgiven' Ronnie

'Strictly Come Dancing' contestant Jo Wood has said she would like to have her estranged husband, Ronnie, back in her life.

The Rolling Stones rocker's marriage ended after it was revealed he had been having an affair with Ekaterina Ivanova.

Speaking to Hello Magazine, Wood said she had forgiven her husband for the affair and wants to put it behind her.

Wood, who is partnered with New Zealand's Brendan Cole on the BBC dance show, has proved very popular with the audience who have saved her every week despite being at the bottom of the leaderboard.

Speaking about her children's reaction to the situation she said "I said to them, 'Come on, he's your father, you have to make an effort'. He's slowly making friends with the kids again but it's difficult and these things take time.

"I think maybe he was a bit nervous at first but he shouldn't be. I've forgiven him and I'm not bitter about anything he's done. Life's too short to be like that.

"I would love for Ronnie to be back in our family's life. So yes, I hope he'll be able to come over for Sunday lunch and that we'll all sit down together and talk and laugh and be great friends. I am very open for that."

The pair have two children together, Leah and Tyrone, and Jo also has another son, Jamie, from a previous relationship.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ron Wood and Russian chick reunite

Only days after making headlines and rousing the British police with an after-hours screaming match, Ron Wood and 20-year-old Russian girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova have moved into a Surrey castle together. Britain's The Telegraph reported that Wood is leasing the nearly $6,500-a-week property from a member of the Lacoste family, "which features an octagonal tower complete with a turret and gargoyles." The residence has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a library.

The fight on September 14th between Wood and Ivanova stemmed from Wood's planned dinner with his estranged wife Jo, their 30-year-old-daughter Leah, and her fourth-month-old daughter Maggie Dylan. According to reports, the fight began after Wood told Ivanova that she was not invited to the dinner.

An "inside source" said told Britain's The Mail On Sunday: "It isn't over with Ekaterina, but in all honesty Ronnie doesn't know what he's doing. He's really unhappy. He's told Jo that it isn't all over with Ekaterina but he's agreed to put their divorce on hold until after the new year. Ekaterina freaked out at that and it has added to the problems they've been having. They haven't changed their minds about divorcing but they're not in any rush."

The source added: "Ekaterina would like everything to be done as quickly as possible. But Jo has a lot on her plate and the last thing she needs now is to have to deal with lawyers."


Jo Wood laughs all the way to the bank with £6.5m after 'quickie' divorce from Rolling Stone Ronnie

By Sara Nathan and Ben Todd

Last updated at 2:56 PM on 11th November 2009

As the former wife of a Rolling Stone, Jo Wood might have expected a more princely pay off in their divorce settlement.

But the former Strictly contestant, who will today formally end her 23-year marriage to Ronnie in a 'quickie settlement', appeared happy with her £6.5m as she hit the town last night.

Jo could barely wipe the smile off her face as she attended the 1000 most Influential Londoners party in Westminster.

She was in fits of laughter as she chatted away with model Zoe Grisedale and also had her grin in place as she schmoozed with Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

Rolling Stone Ronnie's assets consist only of two homes after 'frittering away his money', explaining why Jo, 54, is receiving the unexpectedly small sum.

Mrs Wood will also have to wait for the sale of the homes before the payment is made, the Mail has learned.

The couple are expected to be given a decree nisi at the High Court in London on the grounds of his infidelity.

This will mean their divorce is finalised in six weeks.

The couple, who have two children, split in July last year, three months after Ronnie, 61, met his new girlfriend, 20-year-old waitress Ekaterina Ivanova.

Ronnie's estate in Co Kildare, Ireland is worth £3million, while the family house in Kingston-upon-Thames, South-West London, is worth £10million.

'Ronnie's frittered money away on booze, drugs and bad business deals,' a source revealed.


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I bought "Beggar's Banquet" this past weekend. It's always been my favorite Stones album. This was the 96' remaster done by Allen Klien. I'm usually not very opiniated on this subject, but what a lousy job of mixing. You can't even hear the acoustic intro to "Street Fighting Man", and all of the vocals are sent to different speakers. It's like listening to a 1964 Beatles album. Yuck !

(and only a moron like me would pass up all the other new remasters that were staring me in the face...and pick this one. What a dumbass ! )

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