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Rolling Stones Thread

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From RollingStone.com:

Video: Ron Wood, Mick Taylor Unite for Benefit Show

Current, former Rolling Stones members come together to save landmark London venue

By Andy Greene

Ron Wood, Mick Taylor and Dick Taylor never played in the Rolling Stones at the same time, but Wednesday night they joined forces to try and save London's legendary 100 Club. Open since 1942, the tiny venue has hosted Louis Armstrong, The Sex Pistols and Oasis, among many others.

In the early 1960s the Rolling Stones played many of their earliest gigs at the club, but in recent years the club has struggled to pay the rent. Now, it may close unless it finds a sponsor. "Are you ready to save the 100 Club?" Wood asked the screaming crowd as he took the stage.

At the benefit Dick Taylor (the Stones' original bassist, who later formed The Pretty Things) jammed with late 1960s/early 1970s guitarist Mick Taylor and his replacement Ron Wood. The three Stones had never before shared a stage and have rarely played together in any capacity. Their set included staples of early 1960s 100 Club gigs, including "Spoonful" and "Shaking All Over." (Watch the video above for their performance of "Fancy Pants.")

It's great to see Mick Taylor back in the fold; he had been out of the limelight for a very long time, though the band did recently bring him back to the studio to record new guitar overdubs on Exile On Main St. outtakes. Plus, with Mick and Keith feuding again there's no telling when the Stones are going to reform.

Keith, on the other hand, claims they didn't bring him in to do overdubs and haven't seen him for years.

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From Spinner.com:

Rolling Stones Cover Bob Dylan for 'Sixth Stone' Ian Stewart Tribute Album


WireImage | Getty Images

Although fans debate whether they're hitting the road again later this year, the Rolling Stones will appear on an upcoming album by British piano player Ben Waters that pays tribute to the late Ian Stewart, often referred to as the 'sixth Stone.'

Waters' management confirmed to Spinner that 'Boogie for Stu' will be released Mar. 9, with all of its proceeds going to the British Heart Foundation. Management neither confirmed nor denied the Stones' involvement, but according to the band's fan site, It's Only Rock 'N Roll, the whole gang -- including former Stones bassist Bill Wyman -- will appear with Waters on the disc for a cover of the Bob Dylan song 'Watching the River Flow.'

Waters, whose family was friends with Stewart, says he began recording the album last year. In a message last February, Waters announced that drummer Charlie Watts, guitarist Ronnie Wood, Jools Holland and PJ Harvey were contributing to the project, with "a few more special guests" to be announced later.

In a Nov. 8 message on his site -- reposted on It's Only Rock 'N Roll's message board -- Waters added he had just returned from New York where he was recording the album with Keith Richards, who played on three tracks and added vocals on another while Mick Jagger "played harmonica and sung fantastically on one track." The album will be produced by Glyn Johns, a close friend of the late musician.

An original member of the Stones before being dismissed from the stage lineup in 1963 by then manager Andrew Loog Oldham, Stewart continued performing in the studio with the group playing piano and became the band's road manager. He also appeared on every Stones album between 1964-1986, with the exception of 'Beggars Banquet.' Stewart passed away on Dec. 12, 1985 from a heart attack. He was 47. On their 1986 album, 'Dirty Work,' the Stones included a snippet of Stewart's playing as its coda.

Listen to Ian Stewart on Keys as Heard on 'Dirty Work'


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EXCLUSIVE: Live Nation and Ex-Chairman Michael Cohl at War Over Rolling Stones Tour

January 31 2011 by Eriq Gardner


George Pimentel/Getty Images

The battle between Live Nation and its ex-chairman Michael Cohl is heating up.

In November, the music giant sued Cohl for $5.35 million for allegedly breaching the terms of an agreement made at the time he left the company. Now Cohl has struck back, saying that it was Live Nation that first breached the very same contract by attempting to "interfere" and "destroy" Cohl's opportunity to procure promotional rights to a Rolling Stones tour later this year.

Cohl is famous in the entertainment business for his promotional endeavors. He is credited with inventing the modern rock tour and has recently gained much attention for producing Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark, the most expensive Broadway musical ever. In 2008, Cohl left Live Nation amid a feud with CEO Michael Rapino over the direction of the company.

When Cohl left in 2008, he signed a financial agreement that spelled out how exactly he would compete against Live Nation going forward. Cohl was to pay $9.85 million in installments to Live Nation in return for various assets, including a non-compete exemption to continue working with and promoting tours by the Stones, Pink Floyd and Barbara Streisand.

Live Nation sued Cohl for allegedly failing to pay $5.35 million in the 2008 agreement. But Cohl says that Live Nation never lived up to its side of the deal.

Last February, Live Nation sent Cohl a letter informing him that it was going to bid against Cohl for the Rolling Stones' next concert tour, which hadn't yet been announced. The company followed up with an e-mail stating that Cohl could still pursue the band's tour, but only through a joint venture. Live Nation also wanted Cohl to detail his negotiations with the Rolling Stones, which Cohl says would give Live Nation key info that could be used to undercut his own bid.

Later, Live Nation allegedly proposed competing separately for a Rolling Stones tour. Cohl says the proposal amounted to a breach of his contract with his former employer. Cohl says he paid Live Nation $20 million for the right to not bid against the company for the Rolling Stones tour, to have Live Nation finance the tour, to have Live Nation perform the services of "Executive Global Promoter" of the tour, and to receive two-thirds of the promoter's profits from the tour.

The Rolling Stones tour later this year is expected to be one of the biggest in concert history. It's the 50th anniversary for the band, which through the years has enjoyed a number of financially lucrative tours.

Cohl calls promotional rights on this upcoming tour "the crown jewel" of the agreement he made with Live Nation in 2008. He says the value of this asset would have more than accounted for the $5 million he owes the company. In other words, Cohl implies that Live Nation would have gotten its money if it hadn't been the first to breach the agreement.

Cohl's countersuit also reveals that members of the Rolling Stones, including Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, have been informed by both parties of the "spat" and that they have expressed a desire not to get dragged into the middle of the dispute. But Cohl says the fuss is causing damage anyway. Live Nation has attempted to hurt his standing with the band's representatives, maintains Cohl.

A spokesperson for Live Nation wasn't immediately available for comment.


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On February 2, 2011 the Rolling Stones released the following statement:

"In light of recent reports surrounding the 'Breach of Contract' Court Case in America between Live Nation Entertainment and former Live Nation chairman Michael Cohl, The Rolling Stones wish to clarify their position regarding representation and touring. Following the end of the 2007 A Bigger Bang world tour, The Rolling Stones became free from any contractual arrangements or agreements with Michael Cohl. He is neither their representative nor their tour promoter. Also the Stones confirmed today they have no firm plans to tour at this time."

Reading between lines this means any tour will not happen until later this year or next year, the Stones 50th anniversary.

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Charlie Watts to Perform with Ben Waters in London

Ben Waters has announced he will be performing two "Boogie 4 Stu" shows at the Ambassadors Theatre in London, UK on Wednesday March 9 with Charlie Watts and very special guests. Tickets go on sale to the public Feb. 11. There will be a special pre-sale option for tickets by lunch time today (Tuesday Feb 8) if you are signed up for the Ben Waters newsletter: http://www.benwaters.com/index.php?c=contactus

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New Rolling Stones pinball machine by Stern

Stern Pinnball are presenting a brand new Rolling Stones pinball machine. According to the pinnball.com report, the main toy of the game is a moving Mick Jagger target which travels in an arc across the centre of the playfield to block certain key shots. The aim is to hit the Mick in six places on the arc to light the corresponding musical notes.


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CD singles box set due for release, April 11.


One problem.....I expect 1/4 of it to be those horrible dance mixes.

A potential problem......will they get it right? Such as those alternate takes of "Sway" and "All Down The Line" from the b-sides of "Wild Horses" (which was also a different mix than the LP version) and "Happy".

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CD singles box set due for release, April 11.


One problem.....I expect 1/4 of it to be those horrible dance mixes.

A potential problem......will they get it right? Such as those alternate takes of "Sway" and "All Down The Line" from the b-sides of "Wild Horses" (which was also a different mix than the LP version) and "Happy".

Well this sure sounds interesting. I really REALLY hope they get it right. There's a lot of stuff worthy of release on something like this, so here's hopin'

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Here's what's in the singles box set:

Single 1

1. Brown Sugar

2. Bitch

3. Let It Rock

Single 2

1. Wild Horses

2. Sway

Single 3

1. Tumbling Dice

2. Sweet Black Angel

Single 4

1. Happy

2. All Down The Line

Single 5

1. Angie

2. Silver Train

Single 6

1. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)

2. Dancing With Mr D

Single 7

1. It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll

2. Through The Lonely Nights

Single 8

1. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg

2. Dance Little Sister

Single 9

1. Fool To Cry

2. Crazy Mama

Single 10

1. Hot Stuff

2. Fool To Cry

Single 11

1. Miss You

2. Far Away Eyes

3. Miss You (12″ Version)

Single 12

1. Beast Of Burden

2. When The Whip Comes Down

Single 13

1. Respectable

2. When The Whip Comes Down

Single 14

1. Shattered

2. Everything’s Turning To Gold (Previously Unreleased)

Single 15

1. Emotional Rescue

2. Down In the Hole

Single 16

1. She’s So Cold

2. Send It To Me

Single 17

1. Start Me Up

2. No Use In Crying

Single 18

1. Waiting On A Friend

2. Little T&A

Single 19

1. Hang Fire

2. Neighbours

Single 20

1. Going To A Go Go (Live)

2. Beast Of Burden (Live)

Single 21

1. Time Is On My Side (Live)

2. Twenty Flight Rock (Live)

3. Under My Thumb (Live)

Single 22

1. Undercover Of The Night

2. All The Way Down

3. Undercover Of The Night (Dub)

4. Feel On Baby (inst dub)

Single 23

1. She Was Hot

2. I Think I’m Going Mad

Single 24

1. Too Tough

2. Miss You

Single 25

1. Harlem Shuffle

2. Had It With You

3. Harlem Shuffle (NY Mix)

4. Harlem Shuffle (London Mix)

Single 26

1. One Hit (To The Body)

2. Fight

3. One Hit (To The Body) (London mix)

Single 27

1. Mixed Emotions

2. Fancyman Blues

3. Mixed Emotions (Chris Kimsey’s 12”)

4. Tumbling Dice

5. Miss You

Single 28

1. Rock And A Hard Place

2. Cook Cook Blues

3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll

4. Rocks Off

Single 29

1. Almost Hear You Sigh

2. Break The Spell

3. Wish I’d Never Met You

4. Mixed Emotions

5. Beast Of Burden

6. Angie

7. Fool To Cry

8. Miss You

9. Waiting On a Friend

Single 30

1. Terrifying (7” remix)

2. Rock And A Hard Place (7” version)

3. Terrifying (12” remix)

4. Rock And A Hard Place (dance mix)

5. Harlem Shuffle (London mix)

6. Wish I’d Never Met You

7. Harlem Shuffle (LP version)

Single 31

1. Highwire (7” version)

2. Highwire (full length version)

3. Sympathy For The Devil (live)

4. I Just Want To Make Love To You (live)

5. Play With Fire (live)

6. Factory Girl (live)

Single 32

1. Ruby Tuesday (live)

2. Play With Fire (live)

3. Rock And A Hard Place (live)

4. Harlem Shuffle (live)

5. Winning Ugly VI (London Mix)

6. Undercover of The Night (live)

Single 33

1. Sex Drive

2. Undercover Of The Night (live)

Single 34

1. Love Is Strong (album version)

2. The Storm

3. So Young

4. Love Is Strong (Bob Clearmountain remix)

5. Love Is Strong (Teddy Riley Radio Remix)

6. Love Is Strong (Teddy Riley Extended Remix)

7. Love Is Strong (Teddy Riley Extended Rock Remix)

8. Love Is Strong (Teddy Riley Dub Remix)

9. Love Is Strong (Joe The Butcher Club Mix)

10. Love Is Strong (Teddy Riley Instrumental)

Single 35

1. You Got Me Rocking

2. Jump On Top Of Me

3. You Got Me Rocking (Perfecto Mix)

4. You Got Me Rocking (Sexy Disco Dub Mix)

5. You Got Me Rocking (Trance Mix)

Single 36

1. Out Of Tears (Don Was edit)

2. I’m Gonna Drive

3. Out Of Tears (Bob Clearmountain Remix Edit)

4. So Young

5. Sparks Will Fly (radio clean version)

Single 37

1. I Go Wild (LP Version)

2. I Go Wild (Scott Litt Remix)

3. I Go Wild (live)

4. I Go Wild (Luis Resto Straight Vocal Mix)

Single 38

1. Like A Rolling Stone (album version)

2. Black Limousine

3. All Down The Line

4. Like A Rolling Stone (edit)

Single 39

1. Anybody Seen My Baby (LP edit)

2. Anybody Seen My Baby (Soul Solution Remix Edit)

3. Anybody Seen My Baby (Armand’s Rolling Steelo Mix)

4. Anybody Seen My Baby (Soul Solution Remix)

5. Anybody Seen My Baby (Bonus Roll)

6. Anybody Seen My Baby (album version)

Single 40

1. Saint Of Me (radio edit)

2. Anyway You Look At It

3. Gimme Shelter (live)

4. Saint Of Me (Deep Dish Grunge Garage Remix Parts 1&2)

5. Anybody Seen My Baby (Armand’s Rolling Steelo Mix)

6. Saint Of Me (Deep Dish Grunge Garage Dub)

7. Saint Of Me (Deep Dish Rolling Dub)

8. Anybody Seen My Baby (Bonus Roll)

9. Anybody Seen My Baby (Phil Jones remix)

10. Saint Of Me (Deep Dish Club Mix)

11. Saint Of Me (Deep Dish Grunge Dub)

12. Saint Of Me (Todd Terry Extended Remix)

Single 41

1. Out Of Control (album radio edit)

2. Out Of Control (In Hand With Fluke radio edit)

3. Out Of Control (Bi-Polar At The Controls)

4. Out Of Control (Bi-Polar Outer Version)

5. Out Of Control (In Hand With Fluke Inst)

6. Out Of Control (In Hand With Fluke (full version)

7. Out Of Control (Bi-Polar’s Fat Controller mix)

8. Out Of Control (Saber final mix)

Single 42

1. Don’t Stop (edit)

2. Don’t Stop (new rock mix)

3. Miss You (remix)

Single 43

1. Streets Of Love

2. Rough Justice

Single 44

1. Rain Fall Down (Will.I.am remix)

2. Rain Fall Down (radio edit)

3. Rain Fall Down (Ashley Beedle’s Heavy Disco Radio Edit)

4. Rain Fall Down (Ashley Beedle’s Heavy Disco Vocal Re-edit)

Single 45

1. Biggest Mistake

2. Dance Pt 1 (live from Paris Olympia 11/07/03)

3. Before They Make Me Run (live from Paris Olympia 11/07/03)

4. Hand Of Fate (live from Paris Olympia 11/07/03)

In addition to it not saying anything about "Sway" and "All Down The Line" being different takes or whether or not "Wild Horses" and "Tumbling Dice" are the original single mixes and so forth, they also left out the CD single that had the Stripped version of Wild Horses, Gimme Shelter (live), Live With Me(live) and that version of Tumbling Dice that starts out acoustically and goes into a live version.


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Limited Edition Keith Richards Japan Relief T-Shirt


For decades, Japanese fans have been some of the most passionate supporters of rock and roll. Now they need our help.

Please visit the KeithRichards.com Store now to order a very special limited edition t-shirt Keith is making available. The Japan Relief t-shirt is based on a photo taken by Claude Gassian on the Japanese leg of the Steel Wheels tour in 1990 and is available in both classic and fitted styles.

Keith will be sending 100% of the profits from the shirt's sales to the Japan Society's Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. Let's come together now to get our brothers and sisters through this difficult time and help them rebuild as soon as possible. Visit the KeithRichards.com Store for full details.

One Love.


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Japan Relief T-Shirts Raise $138,000!

Keith Richards is passionate about his fans, especially those in Japan who

need our help now more than ever. Fans from 35 countries helped raise $138,000

USD by purchasing more than 5,000 limited edition t-shirts. They were available

through KeithRichards.com and 100% of the profits will be donated to the Japan

Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund.

For decades, Japanese fans have been some of the most passionate supporters of rock and roll and as an effort to give back, Richards made this special, limited edition t-shirt based on a photo taken by Claude Gassian on the Japanese leg of the Steel Wheels Tour in 1990.

For more information on how you can help, please visit JapanSociety.org/earthquake, and please click here to view a message from Keith to the people of Japan.


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The book definitely deserved those awards, and the Japanese definitely deserved the proceeds from those shirts (yes, I got one).

What was the point of the clip?

Keith's message of sympathy or the Bridges to Babylon? (There are 2 clips in my post. One is related to Keith's message of sympathy to people impacted by the natural disasters in Japan, and the other is a clip of the Bridges to Babylon tour with a great comment by Ron Wood. Both of these clips relate to the Rolling Stones, but only one is about Japan.)

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The Bridges to Babylon tour clip.

This clip is of the first show of the Bridges to Babylon tour, which includes a great comment by Ron Wood.

People might think that we're doing this out of habit, but no way. It's different every time.

- Ron Wood

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I see--I thought it had some connection to the previous posts.

No, it was random. I found it and noticed that it was the beginning of the tour and featured those great words by Ron Wood. So, rather than let it slide into oblivion, I posted it. Otherwise, I would be wondering for days, 'what about that video of the Stones, I wonder where it went. I know I saw it'. I do that a lot when I find videos and then wish that I had posted them right away.

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