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Rolling Stones Thread

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Rolling Stones were really prolific.  Probably 60-70% of their songs were forgettable, but they've amassed at least 40 great songs by persistence, which is nonetheless an accomplishment.  Their 2 90's albums had some very nice tracks on it, they should have quit after that though.

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On 4/16/2016 at 0:23 PM, 2bitnogoodjive said:


On 4/16/2016 at 5:18 PM, Strider said:

Geezerpalooza. Tickets will be $1000. Barf.

Never gonna happen. 

"Geezerpalooza"...I like that :lol: 

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14 hours ago, Kiwi_Zep_Fan87 said:

Damn, Strider! How do you come up with this stuff?! So epic! :hysterical: 

Never in a million years would I pay to see that crusty old English hound, prance around on stage! 

Which crusty old English hound? That fuckin' lineup is chock full of 'em!


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22 hours ago, Kiwi_Zep_Fan87 said:

Well, since this is the Rolling Stones thread, I was referring to good old Mick, of course! ;) 

Hey, if I could be in the same shape as Mick Jagger when I'm 73, I'd be a happy man!

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Massive Rolling Stones Mono Box Set for Release

New ABKCO collection will include band's discography from early Sixties through 1969 alongside compilation of singles and non-album songs

The Rolling Stones in Mono Contents

The Rolling Stones (U.K., 1964)
12 X 5 (1964)
The Rolling Stones No. 2 (U.K., 1965)
The Rolling Stones Now! (1965)
Out of Our Heads (U.S., 1965)
Out of Our Heads (U.K., 1965)
December's Children (And Everybody's) (1965)
Aftermath (U.K., 1966)
Aftermath (U.S., 1966)
Between the Buttons (UK, 1967)
Flowers (1967)
Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967)
Beggar's Banquet (1968)
Let it Bleed (1969)
Stray Cats (2016)


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2 hours ago, Gospel Zone said:


I always preferred early Rolling Stones in mono so this is welcome news. But I have a question. Allen Klein still controls the ABKCO catalogue, right, so the Stones themselves won't see a cent from these releases?

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