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Some Peter Grant Pictures

Hue & Eye

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I completely forgot I ever took these pictures for an interview he gave when Bad Company was playing LA probably in 1976 or maybe it was 1975 when the LZ played LA but I'm not sure. I do remember that all the LZ guys were there at the time and maybe I have some candids of them but I'll have to look. It's nice to see Peter smile.

Anyone recognize the interviewer by any chance?

And to think I was straight (meaning sober) when I took these photos and still can't remember that I took them :)





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The magazine on the table (with the interviewer's drink on it) is a copy of The Field, which was a UK magazine originally published every Thursday.

Peter Grant is wearing a Kalamazoo Wings jersey. Perhaps it was given to him when Led Zeppelin performed in Detroit in January 1975, and if so perhaps these photographs were taken in Los Angeles in March 1975.


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