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Binge Watching favorites (TV)


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Yes.  I really appreciate that.  I am alive.  For some reason that I cannot explain or understand, I was locked out of this awesome Forum.  Not blocked out but locked out for several months.  Believe me, it was veryfrustrating. 

I really do appreciate anyone and every one who was even kind of concerned about Me

I am back.  Thank you Strider.  

I miss Neil Peart and the Saint Louis Cardinals.

Again, Thank you Strider and Luvlz2.  

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 (only the episodes with Charlie Sheen)...

Same here.  Watched the Kushner episodes once through.  That was enough.

Watched the first episode of "A Handmaid's Tale".  Enjoyed it, but I'm not paying to watch anything.  I'll binge it when it's eventually free.

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I just finished watching the WORST thing I've ever seen on TV.  "Too Old to Die Young" (Amazon) is the most boring, pretentious piece of garbage I've ever seen.  Five second pauses between dialog (when there is dialog), ridiculous panning shots that go on forever and have no bearing on the story and a story that makes no sense.  Thirteen hours of my life I will never get back.....

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